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2013/04/29 / Shanan


Okay, let’s get this party started… or not.  Yikes.

My name is Shanan and this little project was born out of a rut I found myself stuck in.

By day I run the graphic design studio Linseed Projects, and while I still get excited by great design, I also have a ton of other passions that don’t get out to play nearly enough.  I’ve been told affectionately over the years that I should have been an interior decorator, or a wardrobe stylist, or run a restaurant.  Curator, artisan pickle-maker and stand-up comedian have also been mentioned (I won’t even go near that last one).

I don’t mind the supposed identity crisis, but I did feel like I was in a holding pattern with my job and daily routine.  I needed a new creative outlet.

So it is with a combination of fuck-it swagger and mild trepidation that I present to you The Symmetric.

It’s just a website.  But, it’s a place to indulge and experiment on all my interests, tell stories, share cool shit, and hopefully connect with other people through the bizarro internet.  If you like, you can find out a little more about me right here.

I’ll be fumbling my way around here for a bit but the goal is to run a regular weekday posting schedule.  Sometimes it’ll be raw, sometimes it’ll be glossy.  It’s a balance I’ll get the hang of.  Thanks for reading.



ps. image above: Endless Bummer tote bag (jumbo sized) by Toronto’s own fieldguided.

pps.  A Motley Crue shout-out, yes.

The Symmetric.

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