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2013/06/07 / Shanan


Remember Theodora’s room from last week?  I wanted to put together a little how-to for the wall sticker decor on the wall behind her crib, since people are always curious about it.  I find the common theme to my household projects is that the “how did you do that?” is usually followed closely by, “that must have taken a REALLY LONG TIME.”


Well the bad news is that this one did take a while, although probably not as long as you’d think.  The main challenge was getting in there and throwing down when Theo wasn’t actually sleeping in her room.

The good news is that the project is pretty easy and very inexpensive for its impact, plus it can be easily adjusted and removed with no damage to the wall afterwards.

I apologize for the less-than-ideal photos (I at least somehow had the foresight to have Chris take a few while I was working on this last year, so there’s that).  Hopefully these and the instructions below will still be helpful. This is all shiny and new to me!

Materials: rolls of washi tape in multiple colours, scissors.  You could also use a level if you’ve got perfectionist tendencies (I winged it at the time).

Washi tape is a huge trend all over the internet right now but in ‘real life’ most people I encounter don’t know what it is.  You can buy washi tape in Toronto from The Paper Place or find it from many sellers on Etsy (just do a search for ‘washi tape’ and your mind will be blown).  It usually costs between $3-4 per roll.  I bought two rolls of each colour for this project (12 rolls = approx $40) and had some leftovers.


Step 1: Choose your colour palette.  I used six different colours and knew I wanted to use a neon, some pastels, and one darker colour for contrast.  I also chose one tape roll with a subtle pattern (mint with white dots).  You’ll want to use at least this many colour variations so that the same colours will never have to touch/overlap.


Step 2: Cut a bunch of pieces of tape of varying lengths from each roll, and stick the top edges to the wall where you’ll be working (they should be close enough to be easily accessible but not overlap with the actual area you’ll be applying the tape to!).  I went for batches of about 15-20 strips of each colour at a time.



Step 3: Start at one end of the wall and apply a strip of washi tape lined up against the corner vertically.  Use a different colour tape strip and line it up directly underneath.  You can use your level to make sure your lines are perfectly vertical, if you want to go that route.  Also, it’s okay to overlap the strips very slightly; you can see above that I’ve done that here and there and it’s not really noticeable unless you get in really close.

Step 4: Once you’ve got a few different coloured strips laid on top of each other in a vertical line, start your next vertical butted up against the first one.

And it’s really intuitive from there – just make sure you’re using a mix of colours and lengths and that the vertical lines are staggered so the overall piece will have a sense of movement.  You also don’t want any of the same colour ‘touching’ each other so just be aware of which tape(s) is directly beside the one that you’re currently applying.

Every once in a while you’ll want to step away and make sure that you like the way the lines are flowing, and that they are staying pretty straight up and down.  I had my bottom tier start to go a bit crooked on me about 1/4 of the way through, but just eyeballed it to do subtle straightening and it got itself back on track.  Remember that you can always pull the tape off if you’ve laid a strip down and you’re unhappy with it.

You’ll need to go back to step 2 and cut new batches of tape strips every so often.  You get into a rhythm with the whole thing and then it’s almost meditative.





ps. Did you see that extra wide washi tape is now available specifically for home decorating?  Check it out via Design Sponge.

  • Trilby:

    I suspected that was washi tape! Clearly spend too much time on Etsy. Have only spotted the real thing in a couple of stores here. Such a fab idea, Shanan – looks brilliant!

  • Elise:

    This looks wonderful! I’m going to try this as a rental backsplash alternative. If it doesn’t work out- it’s still a relatively inexpensive experiment!

  • Natalia:

    I love that is feminine without being “girlie” (and you know I love the photo with the scissors and all the little pieces on your pants)!

  • Lern:

    I’m afraid of the crazy colour ‘therapy’ it might have on little Theo, but since my brain is already fully-formed (formed, not developed) i might try this at our place!

  • Rae:

    Very Pretty!


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  • Dana:

    How thick was the tape you used? I want to try this ASAP! I see a lot of 15mm, but that seems too narrow?


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