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2013/07/01 / Shanan


Happy Canada Day!  It’s ironic (although perhaps not unexpected) that the times I’ve felt most patriotic were probably while I was living in the States, away from home.  But I’m happy to be on solid ground here again for the long haul.

Proudly made in Canada:

1. Smythe metallic white gold sharp shoulder blazer, Ssense.   /   2. Drip maple syrup in blonde, Drake General Store.   /   3. Onedge lounge chair in natural, Brothers Dressler.   /   4. Smokey Quartz V by Carly Waito, oil on masonite, Narwhal Projects.   /   5. Visions album by Grimes, via Pitchfork.   /   6. Pector ring, N. Historiae.

True north strong and free, b*tches.

  • allison b-t:

    i didn’t realize you were canadian- i love canadians! i have family in northern b.c. / kootenay area and was just thinking about driving up for a visit next summer. when i was younger we would celebrate canadian thanksgiving with them.

    also love the round-up, especially the carly waito painting. and that grimes album is one of my faves.

  • The Symmetric:

    A-a-a-a-ctually I was born in the States, but to Canadian parents. We moved to Toronto when I was 5. It’s nice being able to rock the dual passports! xx


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