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2013/10/16 / Shanan


(Let’s just get this out of the way – nope, not pregnant)

But there are changes afoot here at Symmetric HQ.  When I started the blog last spring, I had no agenda other than to write, share, and fumble my way through a bit of a creative dry-spell.  And it’s really felt great to put something, however small, out into the world.  It’s forced a certain amount of vulnerability on my part, which is terrifying good.

Blogging (still hate that word) can be a lonely pursuit, though, and I’ve been craving connection as well as secretly needing a push to take things further.  Enter — Gillian, my new partner-in-crime.

It is with affection and excitement that, starting next month, she and I will be collaborating here on the site and on a new venture, an online shop featuring vintage clothing, really special jewelry, and signature hand-crafted goods. The Symmetric empire is under way!  Ha.  No, really.

I will properly introduce Gillian in a few weeks time, as the subject of the next Natural Habitat installment (see the first two in the series here and here).  In the meantime, the blog will remain the same with myself at the helm, and then we will start shared posting duties as well as updating some links around the site to reflect the new partnership.  Change can be a weird thing, but this is going to be rad — I promise.  Looking forward to telling you more… soon, soon.

Image above: Michele Varian ‘Eudossia’ juxtaposed porcelain side plate.

  • allison b-t:

    congrats! looking forward to what is to come with the symmetric empire!!

  • Sarah Stringer:

    You are the raddest. Can’t wait to check out the shop! xx

  • Kauri:

    Very exciting!! It’s amazing just letting nature takes its own course. U don’t surprise me Shanan…as I say to Maeve over and over all day long, you are a GREAT gal, you will do GREAT things. I’m so happy we met.


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