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2013/10/23 / Shanan


Do you ever feel like your taste in things is starting to take a questionable turn?  What you once deemed aesthetically offensive now seems interesting?  Witness some admittedly dubious style evolution at work:

1.  My old sofa, from Pavilion Modern (similar).  Cream, buttoned-up, respectable.

2.  Current couch: Fulham sofa from Restoration Hardware.  Monolithic, leather, lounge-y.

3.  Crushing on the Togo Ligne Roset sofa.  Contemporary, weird, dare I say… scrotum-esque?

Once more, with feeling:

Toronto Life Great Spaces Gladstone

Our old living room in Toronto, with couch in situ.  I loved that space; everything was kind of layered to fit with the quirky vintage vibe of the house and this was pre-baby.  (Image by Michael Graydon for Toronto Life Magazine, from their Great Spaces column we were so kindly featured in once upon a time)

Restoration Hardware Fulham leather sofa

Our current jam (did I just say that?).  I’ve almost always hated leather sofas, but we needed something big and bomb child-proof for the new house and all of a sudden I was in love with this deep caramel beauty.  We designed the space to be open and bright, and this couch works as a perfect anchor.  Plus it’s so comfortable that guests have actually requested to sleep on it instead of in the spare bed.  Oh. Yeah. I really like neon and plants these days.  Viva eclectica!

togo ligne roset sofa living room

And… my next sofa, pretty please?  I love it, but am not above admitting it’s a bit of a monstrosity.  Would you? (Image via Domo)

Has your decorating style and taste changed dramatically over the years, or do you stick to your guns?

  • Suzanne:

    I love your leather sofa! I agree with your guests – it looks like a great place to sleep! :) My style has definitely changed over the years – I used to be a lot of floral, wicker, rattan, white. Now I’m all about earth tones, dark wood, and clean lines.

  • Kathleen:

    I’m pretty sure now that we share the exact same aesthetic. From mid-century modern to scrotum-y. I love it all.

  • Nancy:

    Hi!! I stumbled upon your post because I was google searching images of the Fulham sofa is REAL houses! This post was great! It’s tough to tell what the sofa REALLY looks like in a REAL house (as opposed to the R.H staged rooms) — is there any way you could post images of your living room with different angles? Or e-mail pics to me? My style seems similar to yours and I am still having a difficult time visualizing the fulham sofa in my home :-) Glad I stumbled on your blog – I LOVE IT!

  • Ivan:

    Hi! I purchased this same couch in the 96″ length and I just took a tape measure to it and I am getting 91″ (92-93″ if I am very generous). Would you mind measuring yours and letting me know how the length compared to what you ordered? I love it so much but I want to make sure that I received what I paid for. RH will exchange it (excellent customer service) but it was somewhat of a hassle getting it into my apartment, and I want to make sure it won’t be exchange for the same thing. Thanks!!!!


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