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2013/12/04 / Shanan


So – this holiday thing.  It’s really happening.  Over the last three days I’ve been witness to approximately 3,407 blogger gift guides, I may or may not have already listened to my favourite Christmas song (John Mellencamp’s “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” in case you were wondering, and no, I’m not even a tiny bit embarrassed) and contemplated overpriced tree ornaments from Anthropologie.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Did that sound cynical?  My heart’s not actually made of coal, I promise.  I find one of the nicest aspects of the lead-up to Christmas is that people get more social – hosting intimate get-togethers and festive dinner parties, breaking bread and drinking wine and indulging in that extra slice of cake.  With this in mind, over the course of December Gillian and I will be setting a series of holiday-inspired tables for your viewing pleasure.  Cheers!


Today we have what I’m calling the ‘Earthy Maximalist’ table.  The trick is to apply the ‘more is more’ philosophy without veering dangerously into gaudy-ville (which is a wholly subjective territory altogether, natch).  We used the gorgeous floral Marimekko fabric from this post as the tablecloth base, and layered it with patterned china and stoneware in shades of blue and white.  Hits of gold and green round it all out with ribbon, gilded milkweed pods, and decorative glassware.










We managed to set this table entirely with elements we already had in our homes, but I’ll put together a rough list of sources below…

Sources:  Oodi floral print fabric from Marimekko  /  vintage stoneware and china plates and bowls from Gillian’s collection: china pattern is Royal Crown Derby, mikado blue, grey plates are Royal Doulton in frost pine  /  silverware from William Ashley (a wedding gift from my grandmother)  /  grey linen napkins made by my friend Lisa, with fabric from Affordable Textiles on Queen West  /  tiny green glass bunny salt cellars from Fishs Eddy  /  Jere-esque brass flower sculpture from Ebay, similars here  /  gold ribbon from The Paper Place  /  gold-leaf applied to milkweed pods by The Symmetric.

Stay tuned for another holiday table next week!

  • allison b-t:

    so gorgeous!!!

    ps. i will also be adding the term ‘maximalist’ to my vocabulary- thanks!

  • Shanan:

    Thanks!! Ha, is ‘maximalist’ even a word? It only just occurred to me that it might not be.

  • allison b-t:

    It is now!

  • Melinda's Musings:

    I love the table setting! It’s just my style. And I’m with you on the blogger gift guides. The amount of them seems to have at least tripled since last year. I will NOT be missing them come January!

    Hope you don’t mind, I may include your table setting as one of my Friday “favorites” in my post this week. With full credit and a link of course!

  • Shanan:

    Melinda, it would be awesome to be included on your blog! Thanks so much. xx Shanan


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