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2014/03/26 / Shanan


Way back in January, Gillian and I decided it might be fun to attempt to shoot a capsule collection of vintage resort wear, since I was going to be in Barbados on a family trip.  So we pulled some dresses and jewelry, packed them into my suitcase, and I put my game face on.  Modelling (and I use that term loosely) is not exactly in my comfort zone.

But, two months later, we did manage to put together a dreamy little lookbook, which you can see on our site here! I know everyone else is showing next year’s Fall collections, although hell it still feels like deep winter up here and we’re nothing if not rule-breakers.  Rule-breakers!!  Or something like that.

The flora was so lush in Barbados that there was no shortage of great backdrops on which to shoot.  My husband Chris did  the photography while I attempted to style, art-direct, and smize all at the same time.  Neither of us will be quitting our day-jobs.  But it was fun to pretend.  My dear Gillian – your position as Symmetric model-in-residence is intact.

Here are some extras and outtakes from the shoot.

The Symmetric vintage resort lookbook outtakes

High security fencing with spikes in the background kind of killed the illusion here.  Next location!


Playing around with shooting jewelry.


Wardrobe malfunction.


Taking a break.





See the full vintage resort lookbook.  Clothing and jewelry featured within will be available for sale in our Etsy shop real soon.

  • Kauri:

    I call dibs on the yellow taking a rest dress!

  • Trilby:

    The wardrobe malfunction one is actually kind of modern artsy, no??

  • Shanan:

    Oh yeah, Trilby – that one was totally intentional. Just kidding!


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