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2014/05/14 / Shanan


The weather has all of a sudden become irresistibly warm and I keep finding myself surprised that I don’t need to wear a jacket, or scarf, to spend time outside anymore!  Many, many, ohhhh so many consecutive cold months will do that to a person.

We took our first spring family hike a few days ago and though the trees are still pretty bare, we managed to catch the trilliums in bloom and the ramps in abundance.

Have you ever tried a ramp?  It’s basically a very small but strong-tasting wild leek; they grow in forested areas around here, are considered a delicacy and, most importantly, a true beacon of spring.  We brought a mini trowel along with us and filled a shopping bag with ramps (you can imagine how fantastic pungent the car-ride home was with these babies nestled in the back).

foraging for wild ramps leeks spring ontario

Last night I made a ramp pesto to go with spaghetti and I’m going to attempt to pickle the rest.  Here’s how to identify wild ramps and here, my friends, are a few more photos from our afternoon (full disclosure: I got lazy; we didn’t bring our camera which I immediately regretted, so this was my first time snapping pictures in a pinch with my phone and you know what? They turned out… eh, passable?  The trees kind of look like a digital backdrop).




(not a ramp)


Snack break.




Chris, forager extraordinaire.


The bounty back home.  Beauty.  Now to start in on our own garden…  xx Shanan

  • Sarah Stringer:

    This is amazing! I am envious of your “woods to table” life! xo


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