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2014/07/11 / Shanan


A-a-a-a-a-nd, the rumours are true.  In case anybody doesn’t know at this point, I’m pregnant!  Just past five months along*, to be exact.  This time around I’ve been so tired I sometimes can’t see straight (or, um, get it together to write a blog…) but over the past few weeks my energy has been slowly returning and overall I feel pretty good.

All the miracles of pregnancy are present the second time around (feeling baby’s movement much earlier on!), along with its indignities (wait, you can get a varicose vein in your… NEVER MIND) — and I’m just trying to take it in stride.  As you can see, Theo is VERY excited about the prospect of a sister sibling, and also wants to know how people get pregnant.  Way to ask the tough questions, kid.  Party of four, here we come!

xx Shanan

* For those not wishing to do the math, I’m due in the third week of November!


(not pictured: Chris, who might have had something to do with all this baby business)

  • natalia:

    HOT mama!

  • allison b-t:


  • Eve-Lyn:

    Yay! We are due with a baby boy this week! Check my Facebook page for the latest pic of my huge belly! Missing you guys! Xoxo

  • scare-ah:

    Beautiful girls!!

  • lauren:


  • Jana:

    YAY! So excited for you guys. Theo’s going to LOVE being a big sister.


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