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2014/09/01 / Shanan


I know.  I KNOW.  Hi, it’s been awhile.

I’ve kind of had a month-long unexplained absence from The Symmetric and I’ve been wrestling with guilt and crappy feelings over it all.

It’s been a weird time for me.  This second pregnancy has, to be honest, been wreaking havoc with my body and emotions a lot more than I was expecting.  Physical blah-blah-woman-stuff has forced me to be off my feet quite a bit, which has meant limited time to do all the regular household things and take care of my design work, and also lots of mom guilt (“Sure, you can watch another Caillou…”).  I’ve realized that I just need to let go of trying to do everything, and focus on taking better care of myself.  At least for the next few months.

That being said, there have been plenty of great things that have happened through this last gasp of summer…

I finally got my m*therf*cking driver’s license.

My dearest friend Natalia came up to visit from NYC and we got to be single gals in the city for a couple of days.

I threw a really lovely baby shower brunch for my sister, who is due in just under a month (!).

We finished renovating our basement – photos to come, if I ever get it together to pick up my camera again.

And, despite the woeful neglect happening in our garden, we are now harvesting buckets upon buckets of heirloom tomatoes, which could safely be classified as my favourite food on earth.

I have a TON to be thankful for; I guess I just feel a little lost right now.

I have missed this space, though — writing, taking photos, collecting ideas… it’s felt like there’s an important piece of me missing.  I need to start flexing that creative muscle again.  I hope you’ll come back my way — I’ll keep writing if you’ll keep reading.  Missed ya.

xx Shanan

  • allison_bt:

    Hi! You have been quite missed on this end … I figured it was the pregnancy taking up your time which is beyond understandable! I do check back every week or so to see if you’ve updated though, so happy for this post and hoping for more when you have the time & energy. <3

  • Shanan:

    Oh, thanks so much, Allison… yeah, it’s been a tough month but hoping to get back into the swing of things for real. xo

  • Trilby:

    Yay! You’re back!


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