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2014/09/24 / Shanan


Chris came across this article last week and I thought it was such a novel (and dead simple) idea: Pumpipumpe, a community project based in Switzerland, is offering free stickers to people to display on their mailboxes which show illustrations of household items they’re willing to lend out to neighbours.  These range from power tools to a pasta machine, snowshoes to ping-pong sets — in other words, the sorts of things that you store in your basement and probably only use once in a blue moon.

I can already think of a ton of stuff I’d be willing to get rid of lend out, like golf clubs or our sous-vide cooker or fabric steamer.  And surprise surprise, I have to say that I’m also a fan of the analog nature of the enterprise.  You’d think we would have gotten to know more of our neighbours here by now, but the truth is we have not.  Nothing like knocking on a (potential) stranger’s door to ask to borrow their disco ball.  Maybe they can join your party, too?

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