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2014/10/02 / Shanan


This past week we have had the sick running through our household, so we’ve been a bunch of grumpy crab-apples. Somehow Theo managed to be spared the worst of it (maybe those 2+ years of breastfeeding really did pay off in the immunity department?!) but it was the first time that Chris and I had been sick at the same time… not fun.  I’m told that it takes longer to recover when you’re pregnant, so my cold is lingering around a little more than it probably should be.

I’ve been caught somewhere in between trying to jack up my bootstraps (note: I have no idea what the real expression is here) and get on with the daily business of work and parenthood and such, and sniffling in bed with the iPad, convincing myself that I absolutely NEED this bag, and that this is acceptable entertainment journalism (oh internet, don’t ever change).

Blah. Got any good home remedies to suggest?

  • kauri:

    This sounds crazy but my sis in law is chinese and boils coke and fresh ginger. drink it hot. (then watch the baby go crazy from caffeine and sugar) but you will feel better!
    apple picking date soon?

  • Shanan:

    Actually Kauri, that combo sounds oddly delicious…! Maybe I’m the crazy one.


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