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2014/10/07 / Shanan


This is going to be a ‘circle of life’ type post wherein both events deserve top billing… but, I have to start somewhere, with one, so this is where it shall be.

It’s been a long, sad time coming, but we had to put down our beloved Pally dog last week.  She had been Chris’ constant companion since long before I met him, and probably the sweetest, most gentle and intelligent dog I’ve known.

I like to think that Pally and I shared many intense moments of mutual understanding over the years; we would cuddle and gaze at each other and connect on a true, rare human-canine wavelength. When I first met Chris, he referred to Pally as his best friend. I never would have thought that seven years later our daughter would be declaring the same thing, with her long skinny arms wrapped around Pally’s fuzzy neck.

We had the local vet come to our house and Pally went calmly into the great unknown lying beneath an apple tree. It was a beautiful, crisp fall day.  She had lived a full border-collie life – first on a farm, then trotting around the city, then back in the country for her last few years. It’s a relief to know that she’s no longer in any discomfort, and that her spirit is likely chasing rabbits in some big field in perpetuity. But we’re also still at the stage where we hear a thump in the next room and think it’s her, or feel like we’re forgetting something when packing up for a car trip. I know if you’ve ever lost a pet that you know this exact feeling.


So, as with death comes thankfully, this time, a new birth and a really cute baby. My sister and her partner recently welcomed this amazing creature into the world, after a long and difficult labour. This baby boy is currently nameless (!) but he’s already grabbed hold of my family’s heart and likely won’t let go til he becomes a petulant teenager. He’s just so teeny and perfect and I’m so proud of Lauren and Peter. I think I’m going to like being an aunt.

Shortly after Theo was born, Lauren came to live with us for a few months at our place in Toronto. She was going through a rough patch but I remember she was so loving with baby Theo; I guess it’s times like these where I do wish we lived closer together again so that I could get to know her little one really well. But, all in time.

Whooo – this was a tough post to get through. The rest of the week the blog will be back to our regularly-scheduled frivolity, I promise. Thanks for reading xx Shanan

  • lern:

    Ouch, heartstrings!! We need to raise these babies together, somehow…

  • Aura:

    Glad I had the Kleenex handy. Saying goodbye to our four-footed friends is always hard; they are such a part of the family. And then such a wonderful hello! Welcome to the newest member of the Kurtz family and give our love to Lauren. He’s adorable!

  • natalia:

    <3 <3 <3

  • patricia\ marms:

    kleenex is needed for this post! i so loved pally as if she were my own doggie! i will always think of her as the sweetest,most loving and intelligent…as are the border collie clan. i too will hear her “clunk” down on the floor and put the cat food up on the counter when she arrives…because she LOVED THE CAT GOODIES! always in my heart….xoxoxoxo pally. we loved you so much. still do….

    and hooray for lauren and peters most adorable “captain adorable”!!

  • Louise:

    More than one Kleenex needed for sure…….

    We loved Pally and will cherish all our memories of her over the years. Sending big hugs to you all.

    Congratulations to Lauren and Peter on the arrival of their precious boy!

  • Zoe:

    …that was very difficult to read as I know how much my sweet brother loved Pally. Thank you for coming into our lives.

    Hugs to your family we love you all so much.

    Congrats to your sister and Peter. He is so beautiful!

  • Trilby:

    We’re so sorry, Shanan – big hugs from us.
    (What a little stunner that kid is! Hoping to meet him later this weekend…SO excited).

  • Jana:

    So sorry to hear about Pally. She was such a sweet & wonderful dog. I actually welled up myself just telling David about the fall day & the apple tree. Thoughts are with you guys.

  • Shanan:

    Thanks for all the lovely words, you guys. Pally crossed the paths of many people over the years and I think everyone sensed how special she was.


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