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let’s go lose track of time

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2014/10/15 / Shanan


We’ve started to embrace the season here at The Orchard, and it seems to be all about food this year. I decorated the dinner table for Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend with dried flowers and local gourds… (cool bunny vase from Anthropologie; similar one here)

apple peeler homemade cider

We gleefully used this miraculous gizmo to peel and core apples for making cider…


(Seriously, homesteader-type or not, you should get one)


chocolate layer cake candied kumquats berries

… and of course baking, baking, and more baking.  I may be 200 pounds before this pregnancy is over. This was a decadent confection I made for my niece Hayley’s 16th birthday… four layers of chocolate cake (this recipe is my tried and true and it’s well worth the effort) with raspberry jam and whipped cream, topped with berries and candied kumquats. You’re welcome.


Oh, and I hear the leaves are spectacular this time of year, too… ;)

Photos by The Symmetric / Shanan Kurtz.

  • allison_bt:

    I’m impressed- the perfectly processed apples, the table setting, and that cake! Bravo!

  • natalia:

    Everything looks AMAZING! and, those apple peelers are pretty awesome, too. Do I recognize that cute little dress on Theo? It fits!

  • Shanan:

    Yes! The dress is still a little big but she wears it all the time :)

  • Gillian:

    Legit gold sprayed horses…? Or, are the zebras back by popular demand? xx

  • Shanan:

    Oh god, those mean zebras… no, Collingwood’s *other* dollar store had mini horses this time!

  • Trilby:



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