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2014/11/19 / Shanan


Yeah, so it seems like we went from jumping in massive autumn leaf piles, to this…

snow on apple trees orchard

… moderately snow squall-ish, what one might refer to as “Hollywood snow” and all that. And now we’re here:


Like, full-on deck-the-halls deep mid-winter snow, with a pretty substantial blizzard raging all night last night and the giant snow-plow making the neighbourhood rounds this morning.

propane fireplace

Good thing we’re staying cozy by the (fake coal-burning) fireplace. This is the new one in our basement living room and I love the cast-iron front, which reminds me of one of those old-fashioned fireplaces in a Brooklyn brownstone. We’re trying to find a great piece of unfinished wood for the mantel top and then I can get all into a mantel-decorating hormonal tizzy for the holidays.

(Um… most boring post ever? Can you tell I’m just hanging out here… waiting for a baby…)

  • janet:

    hi shanan! can you share more about the fireplace? c and i are always talking about how our house needs one, and this one is a beauty! looks like such a cozy room to hang out in :)

  • Gillian:

    I say you’re entitled to a boring weather post. What are you – three days from the due date?!*

  • Shanan:

    Hey Janet, the insert is from Valor ( and it’s from the ‘Windsor Arch’ series. This thing was not cheap but it heats our walk-out basement area now (which used to be freezing and basically unusable in the wintertime) and we love it! xo

  • natalia:

    love the pic of Theo submerged in leaves!


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