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2014/11/21 / Shanan


Today was our baby’s due date, but it doesn’t look like s/he is in any hurry to make an appearance. I realized that we have exactly ZERO pictures of my big belly this time around, so Chris obliged with the camera while Theo and I hammed it up a little (we’re standing in front of one of his gorgeous paintings). The countdown is on!


  • Sarah Stringer:

    I LOVE this one. Theo is such a little beauty!!

  • natalia:


  • Shanan:

    Thanks to YOU, Sarah, for the hot mama dress!

  • Staci:

    Beautiful! And congrats on your upcoming bundle! Our tiniest babes will be super close in age.

  • Jeannine:

    Our dear little family

    A beautiful pic of our two grandchildren and mom plus painting(love the hat) but we are so looking forward to welcoming he or she In person. Babies make their appearance when good and ready, would you leave the comfort of that cozy place? Well yes, he or she must be so anxious to meet the lovely sister and waiting parents. You are so in our thoughts.
    Love mom and dad/grandma and Poppycorn

  • Ji young:

    Amazing, beautiful and so close! Wish a smooth journey With the new joy coming soon.


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