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2015/02/02 / Shanan


Oh, hi. I was recently and ever so gently reminded that I’d left the blog stagnant, and that you’d all been stuck staring at that same last post, at that same ridiculous pair of plaid shoes. Maybe somebody out there has even given pause and thought, “I wonder what’s up with that baby she was supposed to be having?”

Well. I had that baby! And it’s no longer an ‘it,’ but a healthy, happy little boy named Rhys.  Rhys means “ardor” and that’s pretty much what our hearts are full of right now. He is now about nine weeks old and just so sweet and smiley. We’re still adjusting to the new anti-sleep regime around here, of course. My days are filled to the brim with domestic goddess-y duties (copious breastfeeding, baking muffins – the usual)  and I’ve been trying to be less of a night owl, which means I’m going to take a little more time away from The Symmetric, ’til it feels like a project I can enjoyably incorporate back into my routine. There’s a bit of a sad trombone wah-wah-wah in the hiatus but, you know, they’re only babies once, priorities and sh*t, etccccc. At least I still (sort of) remember how to use WordPress!

Until then… xx S.

(really, it’s February now?)

  • natalia:

    oh the sweetness!

  • allison_bt:

    CONGRATS!! Your son is lovely. My cousin is named Rhys as well and I’ve always thought it was a wonderful name, so I say good choice! ;) I look forward to your return to blogging, whenever it may be.

  • Melinda:

    Aw, congratulations!! What a cutie! :)


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