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2013/05/24 / Shanan


A propos of nothing, other than that it’s grey and super chilly today.  And there’s some major clutter knocking around inside my head, and around my house.  A visual palate cleanser, if you will.

Have a great weekend.  Chris and I are going out on a dinner date tonight.  !!! ? ! ?? !  (I know, it feels kind of unbelievable) Gotta keep those home fires burning.

Photo above: Atriumhaus Handelallee, residential house by BFS Design Flachsbarth Schultz in Berlin.  Via Home Adore. 


A Scandinavian-inspired bedroom, via Lonny Magazine (November 2012).


Home of Kajsa Cramer. Photo Frida Ramstedt / Trendenser. Formex Magazine.  Via La Maison d’Anna G.


“Grand Simplicity,” Rose Uniacke’s kitchen from New York Times T Magazine.  Photo by Henry Bourne.

ps. More on my Pinterest board here.

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2013/05/17 / Shanan


Happy long weekend to you, my (Canadian) friends.  May your your afternoons be sunny, your gardens green, and your beers ice-cold.

We are finishing up our deck project here and I’ve been fantasizing about the decor phase.  There’s a mild absurdity to all this because we live in cottage country surrounded by apple trees,  but the current inspiration is: ‘Modern Tropicalia.’

Too much?

1Farmhouse lounge chair, Gaurav Nanda for Bend   /   2Stripe woven outdoor pouf, CB2   /   3Dune planter, West Elm   /   4Kaleido Trays, Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay   /   5Day Tripper outdoor rubber mat, Domestic Construction   /   6Acapulco Chair, Innit Designs   /   7Ventana wood table, Serena & Lily   /   8Modfire outdoor fireplace, Urban Mode   /   9Flint outdoor dining set by Ross Gardam, via The Design Files   /   10Saudades Pillow, CB2   /   11.   Cockatoo pillow, Apartment 48

Oh, and this:


Tropicalia Cocoon by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso.

ps. I’ll be updating the ‘Dream Deck’ Pinterest board here.

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2013/05/15 / Shanan


Apparently I need an editor.  Without further ado – more Nashville!  (You can see the first part of my trip recap here)


Barista Parlor in East Nashville was one of the better iterations of the quintessential hipster coffee shop. Exposed Edison light bulbs, reclaimed wood, artisan chocolates, mustachio-d baristas, ’70s music playing from an actual record player… whatever, I’m a sucker for it every single time.  It was spacious, lovely, plus they had absolutely zero attitude – which was pretty much the case with everywhere we went.  People in Nashville are just plain nice.

BaristaParlor2 (more…)

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2013/05/14 / Shanan


We came, we ate, we wandered, we giggled like the schoolgirls we once were, we ate some more.  Nashville was a blast.

I started to write a really wordy post but I’ve since decided to just let the photos do the talking.  There are a lot! They’re going to talk your ear off… Southern style.  Whatever that means.

Some highlights, in no particular order…


A visit to Hatch Show Print, one of the country’s oldest letterpress print shops full of cool old (and new) block-printed music posters.  Really fun.





Las Paletas was just down the block from where we were staying, so multiple stop-ins were in order.  These beautiful little popsicles mean business.  I tried the watermelon, lime, coconut and mexican caramel.


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2013/05/07 / Shanan


Do you know Sweet Paul Magazine?

I will cop to being a little fatigued of the perfectly styled online mags where every event features a bevy of striped straws and a crepe-paper photo-booth.  But – Sweet Paul really raises the bar on the twee-factor in the most delightful way and so I always look forward to reading a new issue, my admittedly ‘too cool for school’ attitude be damned.

The style works especially well for their latest – the just-released Sweet Paul Kid’s Issue.  This might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  It’s full of whimsy and possibility, of sprinkly donuts, pretty wallpaper, a Wizard of Oz-themed party, and home science experiments.

Sweet Paul Kids, www.thesymmetric.com

Sweet Paul Kids, www.thesymmetric.com

Sweet Paul Kids, www.thesymmetric.com

All this has inspired me to put together a little summer bucket-list of family activities.  Off the top of my head…

1. Eat ice cream cones (Theo’s never had one)

2. Visit the Toronto Zoo

3. Go berry-picking

4. Throw a mermaid-themed kid’s party, because Theo loves mermaids and she didn’t get a proper birthday celebration this year (#mom guilt)

5. Try out some home tie-dye-ing with natural dyes

6. Have a ‘classic’ outdoor picnic (by ‘classic’ I mean featuring the exact spread as seen in Mickey Mouse’s Picnic (A Little Golden Book))

All images copyright Sweet Paul Magazine.