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2013/06/11 / Shanan


Image above: I call this one Untitled (Plant Pot Still-Life with Rubber Shoes, Rubik’s Cube, and Leaves of Kale).


In case you’d ever wondered what’s inside my fridge.  Now you know.


American Beauty: Ruining floating white trash bags for us all since ’99.  I hope to capture a similar anthropomorphic transcendence in the humble craft pom-pom.


John Malkovich’s brain?


Wrecked.  Smashed. Done like dinner.

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2013/06/07 / Shanan


Remember Theodora’s room from last week?  I wanted to put together a little how-to for the wall sticker decor on the wall behind her crib, since people are always curious about it.  I find the common theme to my household projects is that the “how did you do that?” is usually followed closely by, “that must have taken a REALLY LONG TIME.”


Well the bad news is that this one did take a while, although probably not as long as you’d think.  The main challenge was getting in there and throwing down when Theo wasn’t actually sleeping in her room.

The good news is that the project is pretty easy and very inexpensive for its impact, plus it can be easily adjusted and removed with no damage to the wall afterwards.

I apologize for the less-than-ideal photos (I at least somehow had the foresight to have Chris take a few while I was working on this last year, so there’s that).  Hopefully these and the instructions below will still be helpful. This is all shiny and new to me!


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2013/06/06 / Shanan


Hi, I’m back from yesterday’s pity party.  Eep.

What do you think of really dark wallpaper?  Claustrophobic?  Depressing?  Seasonally inappropriate?  Ha.  I’ve been loving it lately; it’s just so DRAMATIC.  And dark colours can actually make walls recede, which would make these kinds of papers great in a small powder room or mudroom.

Image above: Timorous Beasties Wallcovering in ‘Iguana Superwide.’  It would take a bold spirit to utilize this one in your home (GIANT IGUANAS), and if so I’d like to come over, please.


Ellie Cashman wallpaper mockup from her blog, The Wonder in Us.  The sense of texture and dimension in this is amazing and I hope she someday gets this produced.  Discovered via EmmaKisstina‘s Pinterest.


‘Wild Wallpaper’ by Domestic, available from Smallable.  I’ve loved this one for ages; wouldn’t it be incredible in a kid’s room?


Oddly enough this one is called ‘Geckos.’  In case you prefer your dark wallpaper lizard motifs on the subtler side.  From one of my favourite sites, Wallpaper from the 70s.


‘Ivory Outpost’ dark Prima wallpaper by Eskayel (fun fact: the New York based design studio was founded by Shanan Campanaro.  There aren’t too many of us ‘Shanan’s’ out there).


Nothing wrong with the pretty.  Nina Campbell’s ‘Swan Lake’ wallpaper from Osborne & Little.

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2013/05/31 / Shanan


Friends and family who live far away are often asking me to send photos of our place, and I always stall them out or change the subject because a) I’m not a great photographer, and b) 90% of the time our house is a mess, and when it’s not, I rarely think to take pictures.  I can deal with clutter and crumbs… if you’ve got The Selby shooting it.

Insecure pre-amble aside, I’ve just got to stop being so precious about the whole thing. When we saw our house-to-be for the first time about a year and a half ago, the room that would be Theo’s looked like this (cue ‘before’ shot):


Note that clearly people don’t really ‘stage’ their houses for sale up here (at least not people selling houses in our price bracket…).  The room felt really dark, the walls were a sad beige and the old cheap carpeting smelled like cat pee.  Oh and looking at this photo, I completely forgot that all the window and door trim and the baseboards used to be unfinished pine.  Mmm.


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2013/05/30 / Shanan


Peacock chairs are supposedly trending, although they’ll probably be declared passé (again) before I can haul the vintage one out of my parent’s basement.  But if you’re planning to partake, I mean please, don’t half-ass the thing.

Image above: Glorious handwoven Odette chair from Anthropologie.