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2013/05/22 / Shanan


Sometimes  Most of the time I have this wardrobe fantasy of owning nothing but edgy, monochromatic art clothes worn with minimalist sculptural jewelry.  Pieces lighter on hanger-appeal, heavier on attitude required to truly pull them off.

My closet is a pretty far-cry from that point (too many loud prints and vintage jewelry), but I love the raw, unique nature of these one-of-a-kind unisex shirts by artist/designer/jeweler Amy Glenn.

The shirts kind of walk the line between the cerebral and, hmm, the everything-else approach to fashion?  I mean one could work equally well layered over this, as worn with these, no?  Either way the end effect is still pretty bad-ass.

The silhouettes are basic but the work that’s gone into them makes me think of hand-wringing, that they’ve been burned, thrown, sun-bleached, ash-smeared, dragged through the dirt, scattered with stars, tie-dyed with  fuzzy landscapes, and left to drift in the ocean.  So beautiful.




View more of Amy Glenn’s A147G line here.

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2013/05/15 / Shanan


Apparently I need an editor.  Without further ado – more Nashville!  (You can see the first part of my trip recap here)


Barista Parlor in East Nashville was one of the better iterations of the quintessential hipster coffee shop. Exposed Edison light bulbs, reclaimed wood, artisan chocolates, mustachio-d baristas, ’70s music playing from an actual record player… whatever, I’m a sucker for it every single time.  It was spacious, lovely, plus they had absolutely zero attitude – which was pretty much the case with everywhere we went.  People in Nashville are just plain nice.

BaristaParlor2 (more…)

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2013/05/14 / Shanan


We came, we ate, we wandered, we giggled like the schoolgirls we once were, we ate some more.  Nashville was a blast.

I started to write a really wordy post but I’ve since decided to just let the photos do the talking.  There are a lot! They’re going to talk your ear off… Southern style.  Whatever that means.

Some highlights, in no particular order…


A visit to Hatch Show Print, one of the country’s oldest letterpress print shops full of cool old (and new) block-printed music posters.  Really fun.





Las Paletas was just down the block from where we were staying, so multiple stop-ins were in order.  These beautiful little popsicles mean business.  I tried the watermelon, lime, coconut and mexican caramel.


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2013/05/10 / Shanan


When I got married a few years ago, I was honoured to be able to use my late grandmother’s ring in our ceremony.  My cousins had used it in their weddings, too, and then the ring was passed back to my aunt for safekeeping.

Unfortunately a deadly combination of thrift and sloth means that today, I still don’t have an actual wedding band.  I hope to get to it eventually.  In the meantime I browse for rings every now and again and try to imagine what I might even want, and wonder if my choice will be different now than it might have been when we were standing at the bright and shiny brink of this once-new life phase.

And, I am pretty sure my choice would be different.


It would be a lot cooler, and braver, I think.  I recently came across this ring by UK jeweler Polly Wales.  An amazing jagged arrangement of red rubies set in a narrow band of gold, it reminds me of a treasure unearthed from the bottom of a shipwreck.  If I’m mixing metaphors here, it’s a ring that feels like it’s been around the block and lived to tell the tale. I mean, it’s kind of weird for a wedding ring but it feels like something real.  It doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

No guts, no glory.  Right?

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2013/05/01 / Shanan


Calla Haynes and I went to high school together in Toronto.  I was head of the Art Club, and she started the school’s first Fashion Club.  We had a group of mutual guy friends that we used to go to indie rock shows with.  But for some reason or another, we never really became tight.

Which is unfortunate, because – she’s ridiculously talented and adorable to boot, and these days lives in Paris where she designs for her namesake label, Calla.  I’ve been following her career for the last few years and coveting pretty much every one of her gamine, romantic looks.

Calla S2013. www.thesymmetric.com

Calla S13. www.thesymmetric.com

Calla S2013. www.thesymmetric.com

I’m never one to shy away from a good print and her collections feature some of the best.  The Spring 2013* pieces have both a painterly quality while also reminding me of hazy, sun-dappled photographs.  But there’s an edge to them; the prints are somehow just ‘off’ enough that they manage to temper the more feminine, flouncy silhouettes.  My dream wardrobe.  Le sigh.

Visit Calla’s website for additional information.

Calla dress from The Corner.

Spring ’13 collection photos by Filippo Fior, via Style.com. (That’s Calla in the lower left photo, by the way)

* According to the Fashion Calendar Police, I should be featuring her next Fall/Winter collection now.  But I just can’t.