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2015/10/21 / Shanan


Nice to meet you, where you been?

Alas, it’s me. Many moons have passed and my baby Rhys is almost one. In Canada, that’s generally when a mother finishes up her maternity leave and returns to her career. Being a freelancer, my year ‘off’ hasn’t been quite the unencumbered stroll(er)-in-the-park, but I have been taking it fairly easy work-wise and focusing on my family.

So much has happened since I last signed on. I’m raising a delightful little boy… Our country just elected a new prime minister… I became a Taylor Swift fan. Momentous.

I’ve also had a fair bit of time to think (daydreaming = official R&D?) and start planning my next move. I’m happy to say that I’ve begun winding down my duties as a graphic designer, and will be returning to The Symmetric in a fuller capacity.

The itch to thrift is back with a vengeance, so to kick things off I’ll be hosting a pop-up party on Saturday, November 14th and then working towards revamping this website to incorporate an online shop for buying vintage clothing and jewelry.  Etsy was great in many ways but I’m not 100% convinced it’s the right platform.

As for the blog, well… I’m not sure what to say. The interwebs are saying that the blog is dead! I mean the blog format in general. I’ve had so much wonderful encouragement to continue writing, but at this stage I’m also not convinced it’s where I should be spending my time.  What about Tinder, though? I hear that’s really great.  I kid.

Some days I look back through my posts and absolutely cringe with embarrassment. Other times I’m still proud and inspired.  The jury’s out on this one. Time will tell. Que sera sera? Insert additional cliches here.

My relationship to social media is tenuous at best for a whole slew of reasons that I won’t get into here — and I realize I probably sound like the worst kind of ancient curmudgeon when it comes to online life — but, small victory, I am on Instagram again and you should follow me there, @thesymmetric. I post judiciously selected photos of my children, and little vignettes from around our house and outside, and will be incorporating the vintage wares back into the feed. Cherry lips, crystal skies… I could show you incredible things. Really, it’ll be fun.

More soon,
xx Shanan

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2015/02/02 / Shanan


Oh, hi. I was recently and ever so gently reminded that I’d left the blog stagnant, and that you’d all been stuck staring at that same last post, at that same ridiculous pair of plaid shoes. Maybe somebody out there has even given pause and thought, “I wonder what’s up with that baby she was supposed to be having?”

Well. I had that baby! And it’s no longer an ‘it,’ but a healthy, happy little boy named Rhys.  Rhys means “ardor” and that’s pretty much what our hearts are full of right now. He is now about nine weeks old and just so sweet and smiley. We’re still adjusting to the new anti-sleep regime around here, of course. My days are filled to the brim with domestic goddess-y duties (copious breastfeeding, baking muffins – the usual)  and I’ve been trying to be less of a night owl, which means I’m going to take a little more time away from The Symmetric, ’til it feels like a project I can enjoyably incorporate back into my routine. There’s a bit of a sad trombone wah-wah-wah in the hiatus but, you know, they’re only babies once, priorities and sh*t, etccccc. At least I still (sort of) remember how to use WordPress!

Until then… xx S.

(really, it’s February now?)

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2014/11/21 / Shanan


Today was our baby’s due date, but it doesn’t look like s/he is in any hurry to make an appearance. I realized that we have exactly ZERO pictures of my big belly this time around, so Chris obliged with the camera while Theo and I hammed it up a little (we’re standing in front of one of his gorgeous paintings). The countdown is on!


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2014/11/19 / Shanan


Yeah, so it seems like we went from jumping in massive autumn leaf piles, to this…

snow on apple trees orchard

… moderately snow squall-ish, what one might refer to as “Hollywood snow” and all that. And now we’re here:


Like, full-on deck-the-halls deep mid-winter snow, with a pretty substantial blizzard raging all night last night and the giant snow-plow making the neighbourhood rounds this morning.

propane fireplace

Good thing we’re staying cozy by the (fake coal-burning) fireplace. This is the new one in our basement living room and I love the cast-iron front, which reminds me of one of those old-fashioned fireplaces in a Brooklyn brownstone. We’re trying to find a great piece of unfinished wood for the mantel top and then I can get all into a mantel-decorating hormonal tizzy for the holidays.

(Um… most boring post ever? Can you tell I’m just hanging out here… waiting for a baby…)