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2013/06/07 / Shanan


After hoarding all the striped shirts at a friend’s recent clothing swap, I promised myself I’d swear off of stripes for awhile altogether (are they really even that flattering?  I’m beginning to have my doubts).

But… there’s always a but.

I love this dress from Wai Ming.  I love that it feels fresh and unfussy but also has some structure to it.  I love the little black side panels and goddam it, I love those stripes.

I wouldn’t kick these other dresses out of bed, either.



Retailer information is on the Wai Ming website but if you happen to be in Chicago, definitely pop into my friend Rosie’s beautiful shop Roslyn where she stocks the line.

ps. I’m sitting in a sweater and wool socks at the moment.  Hello, June?

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2013/06/07 / Shanan


Remember Theodora’s room from last week?  I wanted to put together a little how-to for the wall sticker decor on the wall behind her crib, since people are always curious about it.  I find the common theme to my household projects is that the “how did you do that?” is usually followed closely by, “that must have taken a REALLY LONG TIME.”


Well the bad news is that this one did take a while, although probably not as long as you’d think.  The main challenge was getting in there and throwing down when Theo wasn’t actually sleeping in her room.

The good news is that the project is pretty easy and very inexpensive for its impact, plus it can be easily adjusted and removed with no damage to the wall afterwards.

I apologize for the less-than-ideal photos (I at least somehow had the foresight to have Chris take a few while I was working on this last year, so there’s that).  Hopefully these and the instructions below will still be helpful. This is all shiny and new to me!


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2013/06/06 / Shanan


Hi, I’m back from yesterday’s pity party.  Eep.

What do you think of really dark wallpaper?  Claustrophobic?  Depressing?  Seasonally inappropriate?  Ha.  I’ve been loving it lately; it’s just so DRAMATIC.  And dark colours can actually make walls recede, which would make these kinds of papers great in a small powder room or mudroom.

Image above: Timorous Beasties Wallcovering in ‘Iguana Superwide.’  It would take a bold spirit to utilize this one in your home (GIANT IGUANAS), and if so I’d like to come over, please.


Ellie Cashman wallpaper mockup from her blog, The Wonder in Us.  The sense of texture and dimension in this is amazing and I hope she someday gets this produced.  Discovered via EmmaKisstina‘s Pinterest.


‘Wild Wallpaper’ by Domestic, available from Smallable.  I’ve loved this one for ages; wouldn’t it be incredible in a kid’s room?


Oddly enough this one is called ‘Geckos.’  In case you prefer your dark wallpaper lizard motifs on the subtler side.  From one of my favourite sites, Wallpaper from the 70s.


‘Ivory Outpost’ dark Prima wallpaper by Eskayel (fun fact: the New York based design studio was founded by Shanan Campanaro.  There aren’t too many of us ‘Shanan’s’ out there).


Nothing wrong with the pretty.  Nina Campbell’s ‘Swan Lake’ wallpaper from Osborne & Little.

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2013/06/05 / Shanan


Two days ago, Theo had her first full-scale, rolling-on-the-grass-stomping-your-feet-GO-AWAY-MUMMY tantrum.  It was pretty out of character for her and felt hard to relate to while it was happening.  What could she be feeling?  It all seemed so irrational.

Then one of my moods slowly started creeping in this morning and suddenly I’m sitting here, all crocodile tear-y and filled with a kind of sad, simmering anger that almost seems too stupid to admit.  But I will, because one of the things I told myself when starting this website was that in addition to showing off, like, all the super rad things I like to look at and posting some of our family experiences, I also wanted it to feel real and honest.

Some days I just absolutely hate the internet because on every single site I visit, things look so g.d. PERFECT. Usually I love this stuff – I assure you I am not immune to the pull of beautiful things.  And I should be inspired. But I guess that today, seeing perfectly lit and professionally shot photos of your expertly styled home full of expensive things is pissing me off.  Seeing super skinny women with shiny hair holding up their just-three-month old babies are pissing me off.  Seeing colour-coordinated sparkly donut parties are pissing me off.  I think that seeing SUCCESS is just filling me with a really unattractive brand of envy and I am having an internal ‘tantrum’ moment of my own.

SO.  Time to laugh it off (this is just the kind of dumb thing that’s helping a little bit).  Go for a walk.  Swear off Pinterest for the rest of the day.  Deep breath.  Do you ever feel this way?

Update: I just came across an eloquent post from a couple months ago by Victoria (SF Girl by Bay) that addresses some similar feelings.  It’s a good read.