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2013/05/29 / Shanan


It’s possible that we’ve been reading a little too much Curious George around here…

Clockwise from The Man with the Yellow Hat:

1. Mara Hoffman bustier top, Les Nouvelles  /  2. Kirsty Ward necklace, The Corner  /  3. Joie Mehira blazer  /  4. Lizzie Fortunato canvas banana pouch  /  5. Warby Parker Paley sunglasses  /  6. Veronique Branquinho sandals, Ssense  /  7. Tiger Byte pixel dress, Antipodium.

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2013/05/28 / Shanan


Chris gets like 96% of the credit for getting our garden together each year (and deservedly so).  He does all the planning and most of the grunt work.  I spent an afternoon last week turning up soil and weeding and then had to spend the next three days soaking my sad weak legs in Epsom salts.

But – I know an unnecessary decorative project when I see one so I painted up a batch of terra cotta pots to make myself look useful plant our herbs in.  And they look pretty nice.


Theo was actually pretty helpful with the dirt scooping.


Stripes day. Oh, you didn’t get the memo?


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2013/05/27 / Shanan


One of the most oddly riveting and uncomfortable paintings I’ve seen is this one.  It’s pretty small, and it just depicts a barn.  Maybe it’s something you have to see in person (it’s in the permanent collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario) but to me it carries within it a palpable sense of dread; you can almost feel the stillness of the outdoors while you’re being drawn in to the dark interior of the barn, and the painting is meant to look like a moment frozen in time as from a photograph.

Today I’ve brought together a small collection of works by three artists; with the theme based around weird spaces that reference both the interior and exterior.

Image above: Anna Carey, Motel, giclee print 2010.

Anna makes models out of paper from memories of old architecture, and then photographs the models.  Upon first glance they just seem like tilt-shift photographs, but when you realize you’re seeing miniature reconstructions of buildings, your sense of perception requires some recalibrating. Suddenly the sunlight streaming through the windows looks wrong, and the structure feels like it might crumble under the weight of a hand.


Anna Carey, Stardust, digital print, 2012.


Anna Carey, Reception, giclee print, 2010.


Zach Nader, Counterweight/03, c-print, 2012.

This series is based on representations of family snapshots with all depicted persons digitally removed.  An eerie collusion of nostalgia and spatial weirdness; there’s a subtle claustrophobia to these that I love.


Zach Nader, Counterweight/04, c-print, 2012.


Zach Nader, Counterweight/09, c-print, 2012.


Siobhan McBride, Long Letter, gouache on paper on panel, 2011.

Her artist statement “hopes the work is strange and suspenseful.”  It is.  It feels the way a dream does – shifting walls, days turning suddenly into nights.  They are filled with small details that feel real but are still, somehow, not quite right.  And they beg the question, ‘Where the hell am I?’


Siobhan McBride, Pool, gouache on paper on panel, 2012.


Siobhan McBride, Habitat, gouache on paper on panel, 2013.

Anna Carey‘s work was recently featured on The Design Files.

Zach Nader has many interesting and ongoing conceptual art projects on his website.

Prints of Siobhan McBride‘s work can also be found at Little Paper Planes.

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2013/05/24 / Shanan


A propos of nothing, other than that it’s grey and super chilly today.  And there’s some major clutter knocking around inside my head, and around my house.  A visual palate cleanser, if you will.

Have a great weekend.  Chris and I are going out on a dinner date tonight.  !!! ? ! ?? !  (I know, it feels kind of unbelievable) Gotta keep those home fires burning.

Photo above: Atriumhaus Handelallee, residential house by BFS Design Flachsbarth Schultz in Berlin.  Via Home Adore. 


A Scandinavian-inspired bedroom, via Lonny Magazine (November 2012).


Home of Kajsa Cramer. Photo Frida Ramstedt / Trendenser. Formex Magazine.  Via La Maison d’Anna G.


“Grand Simplicity,” Rose Uniacke’s kitchen from New York Times T Magazine.  Photo by Henry Bourne.

ps. More on my Pinterest board here.