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2014/06/24 / Shanan


The construction in our basement renovation is nearly complete – electrical done, drywall done, ceiling all closed in. It doesn’t seem particularly sexy but it’s SO great to not have to look at hanging wires and ugly exposed beams, and to imagine that these are going to soon feel like actual, liveable rooms.  Actual rooms!

I can’t seem to find photos of the ceiling pre-reno but above and below is the soon-to-be family room area as it looks now —


It’s kind of a blank slate, yes?  We installed the faux-wood laminate flooring and had that grey wall painted when we moved in, the latter will be the site of the built-in bookshelves (Chris is working on those as we speak!).  The dead propane fireplace insert will soon be replaced with a vaguely cooler fireplace insert… the word ‘fireplace insert’ is starting to lose meaning for me altogether after hemming and hawing over the matter for like a year.

But what I’m really thinking about is pink.

A pink living room.  This sh*t is happening.  Ninety five percent of our place is painted white so I figure this is my moment.  I’m picturing a lovely light pink coupled with the blonde ‘wood’ floors and offset by the charcoal grey shelving unit.  Feminine without being over the top.


I am consciously coupling with this pic of Gwyneth Paltrow’s L.A. pop-up shop, via Goop.  It’s basically perfect and is serving as my main inspiration point.  The colour listed for the walls is Benjamin Moore’s ‘Pink Hibiscus,’ which is quite a bit darker and more saturated in the actual colour swatch.  So I’m going to seek out my own colour that matches the photo — light and a little peachy.  Interior design by Nickey Kehoe.


I also love this wall and the whole colour scheme, too.  Wish I could locate the proper credits for this photo; I found it via Bettina Holst.


This one’s a bit of a wild card and definitely deeper and more coral in tone than my husband will tolerate.  Fair enough, my love.  Still keeping it in the vault to refer back to because the combination of pink with white, wood, plants and a hit of navy/black feels spot-on for me.  Vena Cava designer Lisa Mayock’s Brooklyn kitchen, photo by Maria Del Rio from Mother Mag.

What say you?  More progress and photos to come…

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2014/06/18 / Shanan


Or, “Daddy, are marshmallows considered a food group?”

We’re full-on here in the simple pleasures department.  Eating popsicles and watermelon, running through the sprinkler, swinging in the hammock.  And, dum da da da-a-a-a — gathering around the family bonfire.  Chris built an amazing new fire-pit on our property and we had Gillian and her brood over for some mallow roasting action (you didn’t think I’d be rid of her that easily, did you?).


And… the puffy vest makes another (semi)public appearance, this time on Gillian.  I’m hereby predicting the puffy vest will soon usurp the wedge sneaker as ugly-yet-strangely-compelling wardrobe item of the season.  You heard it here first.


The pit!


Don’t ask.


Frida with marshmallow moustache, Steve with floral headpiece.


Sweet Yarrow made wildflower bouquets and crowns for everyone.  I’m just dying over the light in these photos.


It’s called ‘technique.’




Gillian’s rad sneakers, now with wings for extra protection (or something like that).




Encounters with the local wildlife.



Okay fine, so it was pretty chilly that evening and Theo insisted on wearing her flannel bunny costume from Halloween.  And you know what? It did the trick.

Long may you burn.  xx Shanan

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2014/06/16 / Shanan


Bring on the texture, colour, and… pom-poms.  YES.  Hypothetically, of course – I will be purchasing exactly zero of these.  Keep dreaming, my friends.

1.  Thierry Lasry Peroxxxy sunglasses, Creatures of Comfort.  Achingly cool.

2.  Blakeley summer stripe pumps, J. Crew Collection.  Possibly the least practical pair of shoes I could pick out given my current situation.

3.  Correll Correll S/S14 collection.  Their mixed material clothing is amazing; check out their site because this pic does not really do it justice.

4.  Antonello Tedde woven clutch bag, Madewell.  Those damn pom-poms…

5.  Antik Batik Brasil bracelet, Shopbop.  My daughter and I would inevitably fight over this one.

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2014/06/04 / Shanan


Yes, you absolutely need one of these.

What seemed like a bit of a misguided dud gift on my part for Chris’ birthday back in the dead of October, the Mayan hammock is now our most prized possession.  We hung it up between two apple trees a couple of weekends ago and it’s the most relaxing (or stimulating, if you’re a three year old) thing ever.



Tangled up in you.


(These were taken on a chilly day, hence the puffy vest.  I know, I know – is there ever an adequate excuse for a puffy vest? Let’s just move on)



“Are you sure we can’t sleep here tonight?”

I’m a bit behind on publishing photos from around here (Gillian was managing our Instagram account so I’m trying to clue myself in there but the pace is glacial) but I’ll get there… lots more absurd wholesomeness to come.

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2014/05/30 / Shanan


Toronto-based artist Carly Waito has a solo exhibition, Microgeographica, opening today at Narwhal Projects.  I plan to check out her amazingly detailed mineral paintings when we’re down in the city in a few weeks — in the meantime, here are some photographs of some of her new work.

I love how these feel a little bit darker, a little moodier, like far-off mountains or mysterious moonscapes.

Image abovePyrite Asteroid10″ x 10,” oil on panel, 2012.


Amethyst Mountain, 16″ x 13″, oil on panel, 2014.


Dioptase II, 8″ x 10″, oil on panel, 2014.


Pyrite Asteroid, 10″ x 10″, unframed oil on panel, 2012.


Amethyst Peak, 12″ x 12″, oil on panel, 2014.

All images courtesy of Narwhal Projects.  Here’s the rest of Carly Waito’s exhibition preview and press release. The show runs through June 28th.

I bought one of her prints last year; you can see it in this post.