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2013/10/21 / Shanan


I mentioned a little while ago that I had a ‘life-coaching’ session via Skype with Kathleen Shannon, a bold and inspiring spirit who guides creatives who find themselves at a standstill, or a crossroads, or between a rock and a hard place.

On paper it sounds like the type of thing I’d picture myself running away screaming from, like who IS this pregnant dreadlocked white girl and how the hell is she going to hold my virtual hand and help me figure out MY LIFE?  I’m not uncomfortable asking for advice per se, but I tend to be one of those people who usually just muddle and obsess to themselves, listening to the same Whiskeytown song on the headphones over and over and over again until something shakes loose.

But the chat with Kathleen was less woo-woo, more of a friendly dose of tough love.  Like, “we’re all going to die someday so what are you waiting for?”  Believe me, Kathleen – I think about that all the damn time.

She gave me some specific questions to reflect on and over the last couple months I’ve done just that (quietly, to myself… maybe possibly while listening to some Whiskeytown again).  And, it’s managed to bring me here to this moment — taking a leap of faith in starting to grow a new business, working out a way to pursue all the creative bits and bobs that keep me awake at night, and really, just moving ahead and DOING rather than over-thinking and holding pity-parties (table for one? thanks).

All this is in the service of saying that sometimes you just need to get over yourself and ask for help.  Thanks, Kathleen (and anyone else who’s listened to me work through my block). xx Shanan

Kathleen Shannon can be found at And Kathleen and Braid Creative.

Image above: “I’m Too Sad to Tell You” by 1970s Dutch conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader (whose work I didn’t intend to use in such a flip manner; you should really check him out).

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2013/10/02 / Shanan


There are two things I try to never feel guilty about spending money on: good food and artwork.

I’ve been a fan of Toronto-based artist Carly Waito’s geological paintings for a while now (I featured her in this post) and have been this close to pulling the trigger on bringing one home.  So it was with great excitement that she recently partnered with Magic Pony to release a small series of archival prints for the first time.

I immediately ordered the Vesuvianite print and, contrary to my usual M.O., promptly framed and hung it up instead of storing it in our basement for six months all of eternity.  And I absolutely love it.  See?

Carly Waito print framed in situ

Carly Waito print Vesuvianite detail

The other prints can be purchased online at Magic Pony and you can view Carly Waito’s artist website for more photo-realistic gem greatness.  Have you bought any art lately?

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2013/05/29 / Shanan


It’s possible that we’ve been reading a little too much Curious George around here…

Clockwise from The Man with the Yellow Hat:

1. Mara Hoffman bustier top, Les Nouvelles  /  2. Kirsty Ward necklace, The Corner  /  3. Joie Mehira blazer  /  4. Lizzie Fortunato canvas banana pouch  /  5. Warby Parker Paley sunglasses  /  6. Veronique Branquinho sandals, Ssense  /  7. Tiger Byte pixel dress, Antipodium.