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2013/09/17 / Shanan


In my grandly backwards tradition of showing you the ‘after’ on a home project followed immediately by the ‘before’ (cases in point: our deck and Theo’s bedroom), I wanted to share a shot of our bathroom now, and then.

Man, it’s not until going through old photos that I realize I’ve forgotten just how sad this place was when we bought it.  But Chris and I knew it had potential to spare.  We’re the people who watch House Hunters or Property Virgins and scream in frustration as the potential buyer complains they don’t like the paint colours in a house, as if it’s a total dealbreaker.

bathroom before renovation

To be fair, in this case the lime green walls AND ceiling were a bit much.  What do you think?

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2013/09/11 / Shanan


Tonight at about 5:30 PM, I emerged from a kitchen stupor and stepped outside into the most beautiful early evening ever.  The light was just so; everything was bathed in a warm glow and a sense of ease. Chris and our friend Matty were picking apples while Theo sat in her ‘magic chair,’ snacking and watching the girls ride horses next door.  I brought out beers for the guys and then climbed the huge ladder; I got right up in a tree, looked down from above, and sighed.  I just felt like sharing some of the pictures we took, which already feel sun-drenched and hazy and too perfect to believe.












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2013/08/15 / Shanan


I’m back!  Kind of.  The day after returning from a vacation always feels like one big sad trombone.  It’s nice to snuggle back into our own beds but there’s also the struggle to breathe from beneath a mountain of laundry, the emails and phone calls that need returning, the groceries that need shopping.

But absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say… then again, you may feel differently after I’ve uploaded roughly a billion photographs of this trip to Maine of ours.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya! Tomorrow.

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2013/08/02 / Shanan


My business partner Phil, aka my other half in Linseed Projects, is currently in Finland visiting his wife’s family. We’ve been communicating about work via email but yesterday he sent me a message with just one question: “how big is your dining room table?”

NATURALLY, I immediately jumped to the excited conclusion that he was planning to buy me a Marimekko tablecloth.  Because that’s what Scandinavian-obsessed North American women do, apparently (and, Phil later admitted that I was totally right.  Ha!).

I found myself browsing the Marimekko website and was instantly smitten with pretty much everything, especially some cotton fabric patterns that felt a bit unexpected.  I think most people probably only think of Marimekko’s iconic flower patterns so I was pleasantly surprised to find some that were moodier or utilized more unusual colour palettes.  I am on an unofficial spending moratorium at the moment so file these under U.O.O.A (Unjustifiable Objects of Affection. ‘Uooa’ also happens to be the guttural sound I make under my breath when I see something I like that I know I can’t buy).

Image above: Juhannustaika watercolour flowers cotton fabric.

marimekko flowers oodi kangas cotton fabric scandinavian

Oodi floral print cotton fabric.

marimekko vuohenputki cotton fabric

Vuohenputki cotton fabric.

marimekko annansilma sateen fabric

Annansilmä cotton fabric.

marimekko napakettu fabric foxes

Napakettu foxes cotton fabric. I love the detailing on these little foxes.

marimekko hauki oven mitt fish

Oh hell, I also bookmarked this Hauki oven mitten.  Sometimes you just need an easy smile.

ps.  Did you know that ‘Twitter’ in Finnish is ‘Twiittaa’ ?

Update: Niina Sormunen on ‘Twiittaa’ alerted me this morning to the recent accusations of plagiarism at Marimekko, which I hadn’t read about.  This kind of issue naturally leaves a bad taste.  If you’re curious about the story, here is a story from back in May where Kristina Isola admits to plagiarism in one of her designs.  And yesterday, the company was cleared of plagiarism suspicions regarding a different design although people believe that ruling is incorrect.  Oof.

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2013/06/14 / Shanan


A colour pairing post?  Yes, I’m going there.  Neon yellow, acid lemon, pink, peach, nude… call them what you want.  Maybe it’s so 2012 (gasp!) but I still love this fresh, summery palette for interiors and wardrobe.

Images above: Christian Siriano SS12 collection look, neon and nude Maggie large frame envelope clutch from Colette by Colette Hayman, child’s patchwork quilt dress by Harriet & Daughters on Etsy.


Teen bedroom for SF Decorator Showcase 2012, designed by Em Design Interiors.  Left image by Alex Amend for Houzz; right image by Helynn Ospina via SFGirlbyBay.  And in case you wanted to know: wallpaper on the ceiling by Timothy Sue, ‘Compass’ chandelier by Apparatus Studio.



Images above: Inside Out Magazine, Nov/Dec 2011 issue.  Photos by Sam McAdam, styling by Vanessa Colyer Tay.  Via Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog.

Inside Out is a great magazine out of Australia; it seems that every time I come across styling or interiors photography I like these days, it’s always from Australia.  Something in the water (besides weird creatures that will kill you)?