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2013/07/26 / Shanan


Hey you… I’d planned to put together a proper post for today but I’m pretty sick with this downer of a summer cold.  Can I issue a rain-check?  I’ve got lots planned for next week, when I’ll be featuring my first mini profile/house tour, issuing a challenge to temporarily suspend TV hate-watching (this is a true problem in my life), and showing a ton of gratuitous photos of our garden.  And more!  Baited breath, my friends.  Baited breath.

Image above: Theo’s first time on the trampoline at our buddy’s insane cottage retreat.  Not pictured: the private lake and infinity pool.

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2013/07/19 / Shanan


We are getting a bit antsy around here.  It’s hot as hell so we’re trying to keep activities confined to the shade as much as possible.  After building a ‘train’ with milk crates, reading every book we own three times over, and consuming eight thousand blackberries (give or take a few), something had to give.  I somehow got it in my head that it would be fun to dye our hair with Kool-Aid in the backyard, like I used to do as a teenager.

And by ‘fun,’ I guess what I meant to say was ‘actually really messy and weird.’  I doubt I’ll win any parenting awards for dyeing my toddler’s flaxen locks with artificial tropical punch product.

kool aid packets hair dye

I requested a ‘few’ packets of red and orange… Chris returned from the grocery store with an assortment of 12.  OHHHH YEAHHHH!  We went with the blue packet (hello, baby seapunk) which… actually turned out to be red inside.


Creepy gloved hands, innocent awaiting face.


We kind of winged it on the process.  I mixed a few packets of Kool-Aid with warm water to dissolve the sugar crystals and added some hair conditioner because I remember reading something on the internet about that? The chemistry gets a bit fuzzy here.



More photos and the all-important ‘before and after’ reveal, after the jump…


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2013/07/18 / Shanan


Childhood innocence meets teenage angst for the ultimate summer party. Nostalgia attacks!

1. Party Guest #1: The Dreamy Loner. Via Bedroom Eyes tumblr.

2. Upscale take on late-night party food: kale, pancetta, and grape gourmet pizza. Via Design*Sponge.

3. “Here’s the thing – we started out friends.  It was cool but it was all pretend…” Best Friends board by Carlton DeWoody, via Grey Area.

4. ‘Life is Becoming So Amazing’ balloon from Inflated Deflated.

5. Party Guest #2: The Hot Tomboy. Via Where Is The Cool.

6. Spiked! Watermelon-mint tequila popsicles. Via Hungry Girl Por Vida.

7. Sturdy leather rucksack for the transport of illicit wine coolers. Via Madewell.

8. Party Guest #3: The Innocent Girl-Next-Door. Via Life Etc.

9. High-brow design meets childhood graffiti. ‘I Was Here’ table by Jason Miller. Via 1st Dibs.

10. Make me a mixed tape. Via A Kind of Library.

11. Party Guest #4: The Shit-Disturbers.  The Replacements reunion = perfect party band.

12. Aloof summer dressing. ‘In Memory of When I Cared’ t-shirt. Via Nylon Mag.

13. Pinata by Confetti System.

(This post was inspired by a Pinterest board I created for a contest that Design*Sponge was running this month, where readers were challenged to design their ‘Ideal Summer Party.’  Fun times…)

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2013/07/09 / Shanan


ICE CREAM!!  It’s a small thing but it’s a wonderful thing, am I right?  And my baby enjoying an ice cream cone for the very first time was a comically attainable goal from our summer bucket list.  I’d been waiting to show off my artisanal ice cream-making skills, you know, maybe whip up some homemade waffle cones and have the family pose in front of peony bushes.

But… on Saturday at 5 pm we decided to just go to the little summer-time produce market up the road, and get some bleedin’ ice cream from their freezer, plunk it in the hands of a 2 year old with eyes the size of dinner plates, and consume at their neighbouring picnic tables.  Success!


Theo had a ‘baby cone’ with black raspberry ice cream – the stipulation being that she wanted the flavour to be ‘purple.’ Hubby got some double-scooper-ungodly-flavour-mash-up that was gone in 60 seconds, and I went for my beloved standby, chocolate mint chip.  Because even when it’s bright green, it’s still so good.  Ps, are you totally bored yet?



Ye olde-time-y ice cream vignette.


Who IS this handsome devil?




Game, set, match in the shoe department, ladies.

Quick – what’s your favourite flavour (or ‘flavor’ for the Americans out there)?

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2013/07/08 / Shanan



After spending nearly my entire adult life riding public transit throughout Toronto and New York City, I now live in a little blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town where having a car is an absolutely essential part of the everyday.  But as some of you may know, oops, what was it… oh yeah, I forgot to get a driver’s license.

And in fact I’m not one of those people who claims they know how to drive but just ‘never got around to’ getting their license. Oh no. I’ve only ever been behind the wheel of a car a handful of times.  For a long time it really was no big deal, then it kind of became a weird point of pride, and now it’s like a super lame secret that I try my best not to bring up in conversation.

But the party’s over, and this morning I begin driver’s ed.  I am subjecting myself to four days of sitting in a classroom with kids less than half my age (because in a small town, EVERYBODY gets their license at 16).  Hell, most of these teenagers have probably been driving their family’s pick-up trucks around their properties since they were, like, 9.

I’ve been told to pack a lunch, and that there will be ‘group work.’

This is officially a very, very low point for me.

Image above: Mahesh Shantaram, Aftermath. Photographic print available from Mammoth and Company. Shantaram is a photographer based in Bangalore, India who celebrates “the leftovers when all the exotic has been consumed or left to dry.”

His bio also states that “at 33, he still has never driven a car.”  Stick to your guns, Mahesh.