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2014/10/02 / Shanan


This past week we have had the sick running through our household, so we’ve been a bunch of grumpy crab-apples. Somehow Theo managed to be spared the worst of it (maybe those 2+ years of breastfeeding really did pay off in the immunity department?!) but it was the first time that Chris and I had been sick at the same time… not fun.  I’m told that it takes longer to recover when you’re pregnant, so my cold is lingering around a little more than it probably should be.

I’ve been caught somewhere in between trying to jack up my bootstraps (note: I have no idea what the real expression is here) and get on with the daily business of work and parenthood and such, and sniffling in bed with the iPad, convincing myself that I absolutely NEED this bag, and that this is acceptable entertainment journalism (oh internet, don’t ever change).

Blah. Got any good home remedies to suggest?

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2013/10/25 / Shanan


<In my best Carrie Bradshaw voice> Seeing all these glamorous office inspiration boards everywhere, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is our desire to pin up pretty pictures and inspirational quotes really just our way of reliving the nostalgic glory of our teenage bedrooms?

Image above: Designer Erin Gates’ office wall inspiration board. Photo by Danielle Moss, via The Everygirl.

teenage bedroom collage wall

Anonymous teenage bedroom, via the Teenage Bedroom tumblr site.

Jenna Lyons J Crew office

Inspiration abounds in Jenna Lyons’ office. Via Lonny magazine, November 2012.

teenage bedroom wall

Anna from Suffolk’s room (this one is great, right?  Especially the hand-drawn dude in the upper right), via Teenage Bedroom tumblr.

Tara Guerard office Lonny

Tara Guerard‘s office inspiration.  Photo by Julia Lynn, via Lonny magazine, June 2013.


Teenage dream.  Or a feminist’s worst nightmare, I suppose.  Collage wall from RescuMeDakota via Teenage Bedroom.

ps. Everything Carrie ever ‘wondered’ on Sex and the City, via New York Magazine’s Vulture.

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2013/08/22 / Shanan


I do love the heat but I’m not immune to the promise of a slight chill in the air and all that comes with that – I think you know what I’m talking about. FALL CLOTHES, people.  My personal shopping moratorium is still in effect, which does require some will-power but I’m okay with it (plus, the proliferation of jean shorts this summer clearly demonstrates that I deserve to temporarily belong in some kind of wardrobe purgatory. See examples here, here, and here.  Oh geez, and here).

So I guess that I’m set for now.  My daughter, however, is not.  In the last month she’s grown out of the vast majority of her clothes, so I need to do some substantial wardrobe replenishing for the fall.  Vicarious spending at its finest!

The only thing is that I actually hate most clothes for little girls.  So many bad colours, cheesy sayings, too-short skirts, and general frippery that to my eye just makes kids look tacky and obnoxious (which, let’s face it, they sometimes are, but they don’t need to dress like it).  I remember reading designer Claire Vivier‘s interview on The Glow where she said, “I think children are so beautiful, and they should just dress simply or else it takes away from their beauty,” which perfectly expresses how I feel on the matter.

I was going to do a wish-list of girl’s clothes for Fall, but it seemed like a cop-out because I knew that I’d be including items that I certainly would never shell out for for my own daughter.  I really wrestle with the big-box store conundrum, as in a perfect world I’d obviously like to be the type of mother who outfits her child in all organic fabrics made by independent designers… but then I see a pair of kid’s leggings for $40 and I just can’t pull that trigger.  I don’t know if there’s an easy answer here.

Anyhow, I decided instead that I’d show you my real list of new items that I am actually buying for Theo (4/5 of which I’ve already purchased), instead of just an aspirational round-up.  I set out browsing online with the intention of choosing pieces that could really work together interchangeably.  My issue in the past is that I usually bought things here and there on a whim, and as a result Theo often looks like she’s gotten dressed in the dark because nothing even remotely matches (and not that that should really even matter for a kid, right? Well, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that it does bother me sometimes).

I wanted to go back to basics, skewing towards a classic Holly-Hobby-meets-minimal-cool vibe.  I mean, she’s two.  I think she can pull it off.

Image above:

1. Shirt with stars and bib-detailing, Zara.

2. Basic cardigan in ochre, Zara.

3. Bib-front pocket tunic, J.Crew.

4. Dress with ruffle hem, Zara

5. Floral dress, Zara. (are you sensing a theme here? The Europeans know how to do kid’s clothing)

6. Corduroy jumper dress, J.Crew.*

7. Printed leggings in anthracite grey, Zara.

8. Leggings in grey/black stripe, orange, and pink, Gap.

* I’m waiting for this to go on sale, because a $68 dress made in China just isn’t happening on my watch.

There are still some gaps here (we’ll need some new boots and a few more shirts and sweaters) but this is how it’s going so far.  Thanks for reading what has apparently emerged as a novella outlining my personal philosophies on kidswear.  Also, it’s not lost on me that the graphic I created here indeed looks anything but ‘basic.’  Oh, irony.

Next week I’ll show you the one special piece for Theo that I do plan to splurge on.  The suspense is killing you, right?  (maybe don’t answer that)

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2013/07/18 / Shanan


Childhood innocence meets teenage angst for the ultimate summer party. Nostalgia attacks!

1. Party Guest #1: The Dreamy Loner. Via Bedroom Eyes tumblr.

2. Upscale take on late-night party food: kale, pancetta, and grape gourmet pizza. Via Design*Sponge.

3. “Here’s the thing – we started out friends.  It was cool but it was all pretend…” Best Friends board by Carlton DeWoody, via Grey Area.

4. ‘Life is Becoming So Amazing’ balloon from Inflated Deflated.

5. Party Guest #2: The Hot Tomboy. Via Where Is The Cool.

6. Spiked! Watermelon-mint tequila popsicles. Via Hungry Girl Por Vida.

7. Sturdy leather rucksack for the transport of illicit wine coolers. Via Madewell.

8. Party Guest #3: The Innocent Girl-Next-Door. Via Life Etc.

9. High-brow design meets childhood graffiti. ‘I Was Here’ table by Jason Miller. Via 1st Dibs.

10. Make me a mixed tape. Via A Kind of Library.

11. Party Guest #4: The Shit-Disturbers.  The Replacements reunion = perfect party band.

12. Aloof summer dressing. ‘In Memory of When I Cared’ t-shirt. Via Nylon Mag.

13. Pinata by Confetti System.

(This post was inspired by a Pinterest board I created for a contest that Design*Sponge was running this month, where readers were challenged to design their ‘Ideal Summer Party.’  Fun times…)

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2013/06/11 / Shanan


Image above: I call this one Untitled (Plant Pot Still-Life with Rubber Shoes, Rubik’s Cube, and Leaves of Kale).


In case you’d ever wondered what’s inside my fridge.  Now you know.


American Beauty: Ruining floating white trash bags for us all since ’99.  I hope to capture a similar anthropomorphic transcendence in the humble craft pom-pom.


John Malkovich’s brain?


Wrecked.  Smashed. Done like dinner.