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2014/09/17 / Shanan


I’ll admit to feeling somewhat ambivalent about the whole Star Wars phenomenon (although I did see Return of the Jedi with my parents at the drive-in when I was about five, and it remains one of my more memorable movie-going experiences), yet I was instantly taken by Rodarte‘s elegant, weird, and fun Star Wars-inspired pieces from their Fall 2014 collection.  Now Paper mag has put together a photo shoot of the dresses, shot at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch with some of the film’s characters.  And, it’s too awesome not to share…





I may have just turned to the dark side. You can see the rest of the editorial here on Paper Mag’s website.  Photos by Todd Cole, fashion by Rodarte, courtesy of Paper mag.

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2014/07/21 / Shanan


I’m aware that anybody who knows me is going to think I’ve gone nuts.

I’ve put up a couple posts recently wherein I’ve jokingly drawn attention to this old paint-splattered puffy vest of my husband’s, and people are coming out of the woodwork in support of the utilitarian wardrobe item whose very existence is my bane.  All the popular sporty girls in my high school wore Mountain Equipment Co-op puffy vests every day and I pretty much vowed one would never slip over my shoulders.

It actually gets pretty chilly at night here in the summer, so if we’re sitting around the bonfire or what have you, dressing warm is still key.  So I guess it made me wonder if, hypothetically of course, it were even possible to pull off a puffer vest and look relatively cool.  Well it kind of turns out you can?

Image above: Just Cavalli floral down puffer vest, via Nordstrom.  Because you may as well go crazy with a print.


Keep the rest of the outfit cut slim and simple.  Maybe add a belt?  Citizens of Humanity quilted denim vest, from Anthropologie via Svpply.


Buffalo plaid ups the classic factor: Madewell fireside vest (this one’s a bit light on the puff).


Love the high-end modern sporty feel of this Peter Pilotto sleeveless print puffer vest in grey, via Lyst.


Complete your beautiful hipster lumberjack look with a navy hoodie puffer vest, via Ali Express.

Which would you choose?  I mean, if you were absolutely forced to wear one of these, in public…

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2013/10/23 / Shanan


Do you ever feel like your taste in things is starting to take a questionable turn?  What you once deemed aesthetically offensive now seems interesting?  Witness some admittedly dubious style evolution at work:

1.  My old sofa, from Pavilion Modern (similar).  Cream, buttoned-up, respectable.

2.  Current couch: Fulham sofa from Restoration Hardware.  Monolithic, leather, lounge-y.

3.  Crushing on the Togo Ligne Roset sofa.  Contemporary, weird, dare I say… scrotum-esque?

Once more, with feeling:

Toronto Life Great Spaces Gladstone

Our old living room in Toronto, with couch in situ.  I loved that space; everything was kind of layered to fit with the quirky vintage vibe of the house and this was pre-baby.  (Image by Michael Graydon for Toronto Life Magazine, from their Great Spaces column we were so kindly featured in once upon a time)

Restoration Hardware Fulham leather sofa

Our current jam (did I just say that?).  I’ve almost always hated leather sofas, but we needed something big and bomb child-proof for the new house and all of a sudden I was in love with this deep caramel beauty.  We designed the space to be open and bright, and this couch works as a perfect anchor.  Plus it’s so comfortable that guests have actually requested to sleep on it instead of in the spare bed.  Oh. Yeah. I really like neon and plants these days.  Viva eclectica!

togo ligne roset sofa living room

And… my next sofa, pretty please?  I love it, but am not above admitting it’s a bit of a monstrosity.  Would you? (Image via Domo)

Has your decorating style and taste changed dramatically over the years, or do you stick to your guns?

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2013/09/05 / Shanan


And speaking of unjustifiable wardrobe purchases, thank freaking god these shoes aren’t available in my size, or I’d be in denim-hightop-sneaker (?!) trouble/heaven.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Hashtag first world problems.

Image above: MM6 blue cotton sneakers from Heist (scroll down the page; they’re on sale… I mean, the term ‘sale’ is kind of relative).