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2013/06/07 / Shanan


After hoarding all the striped shirts at a friend’s recent clothing swap, I promised myself I’d swear off of stripes for awhile altogether (are they really even that flattering?  I’m beginning to have my doubts).

But… there’s always a but.

I love this dress from Wai Ming.  I love that it feels fresh and unfussy but also has some structure to it.  I love the little black side panels and goddam it, I love those stripes.

I wouldn’t kick these other dresses out of bed, either.



Retailer information is on the Wai Ming website but if you happen to be in Chicago, definitely pop into my friend Rosie’s beautiful shop Roslyn where she stocks the line.

ps. I’m sitting in a sweater and wool socks at the moment.  Hello, June?

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2013/05/30 / Shanan


Peacock chairs are supposedly trending, although they’ll probably be declared passé (again) before I can haul the vintage one out of my parent’s basement.  But if you’re planning to partake, I mean please, don’t half-ass the thing.

Image above: Glorious handwoven Odette chair from Anthropologie.

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2013/05/06 / Shanan


“Please, please, please, let me get what I want…” (Monday warrants Morrissey)

1. Utopia & Utility Brass Stacking Vessel: spun brass, peach blown glass, hand-worked wood.  Available at Beklina.

2. Emily Heath neckpiece (I’d display it as a wall hanging): polymer clay and leather.  Available at Courtesy of the Artist, discovered via this Pinterest board.

3. Lindsey Adelman Knotty Bubbles Chandelier: Glass, rope, marine hardware with antique brass metal finish. From The Future Perfect.

4. Half-weave contrast side trash can: plastic and woven rattan.  From Urban Outfitters.

5. Alma Brass Chair: American walnut, fabric seat, brass front legs.  From Organic Modernism.

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2013/05/03 / Shanan


I came across the Well Proven Chair chair via this Pinterest board (aka my nightly bout of intense and random mouse-clicking) and was just stopped in my tracks.  Designed and built by James Shaw and Marjan van Aubel, the chair’s unique texture and sculptural quality comes about from a foaming chemical reaction between wood chip waste products and bio-resin.

This is an object that absolutely satisfies my personal requirement for equal measures of attraction and repulsion.  I want to see what it feels like but I’m not sure that I actually would want to sit on it.  As my sister might say, “it makes me feel things.”

Dare I say that if I had to be a chair, I might pick this one?

The Well Proven Chair was nominated for a ‘Design of the Year’ Award and can currently be viewed at the Design Museum in London, UK.

All photos by James Shaw, via This is Paper Magazine (amazing site, do check it out).

The Well Proven Chair, www.thesymmetric.com via This Is Paper Magazine

The Well Proven Chair. www.thesymmetric.com via This Is Paper Magazine

The Well Proven Chair. www.thesymmetric.com via This Is Paper Magazine

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2013/05/01 / Shanan


Calla Haynes and I went to high school together in Toronto.  I was head of the Art Club, and she started the school’s first Fashion Club.  We had a group of mutual guy friends that we used to go to indie rock shows with.  But for some reason or another, we never really became tight.

Which is unfortunate, because – she’s ridiculously talented and adorable to boot, and these days lives in Paris where she designs for her namesake label, Calla.  I’ve been following her career for the last few years and coveting pretty much every one of her gamine, romantic looks.

Calla S2013. www.thesymmetric.com

Calla S13. www.thesymmetric.com

Calla S2013. www.thesymmetric.com

I’m never one to shy away from a good print and her collections feature some of the best.  The Spring 2013* pieces have both a painterly quality while also reminding me of hazy, sun-dappled photographs.  But there’s an edge to them; the prints are somehow just ‘off’ enough that they manage to temper the more feminine, flouncy silhouettes.  My dream wardrobe.  Le sigh.

Visit Calla’s website for additional information.

Calla dress from The Corner.

Spring ’13 collection photos by Filippo Fior, via Style.com. (That’s Calla in the lower left photo, by the way)

* According to the Fashion Calendar Police, I should be featuring her next Fall/Winter collection now.  But I just can’t.