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2014/11/21 / Shanan


Today was our baby’s due date, but it doesn’t look like s/he is in any hurry to make an appearance. I realized that we have exactly ZERO pictures of my big belly this time around, so Chris obliged with the camera while Theo and I hammed it up a little (we’re standing in front of one of his gorgeous paintings). The countdown is on!


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2014/11/11 / Shanan


I haven’t written much about this second pregnancy on the blog; although not for any particular reason that I can think of. It seems like babies are good for business (so to speak) but I just couldn’t get it together to document or share, and didn’t want to beat myself up for that.

Now this mysterious creature is due in 10 days, and I’m finally winding down with my design work and random nesting projects, and am finding that my mornings (while Theo is in school) are becoming pretty quiet. So, now I’ve started to reflect on the time ahead more and more.

I think you can kind of ignore being pregnant for the majority of the gestation (especially when it’s not your first baby) and then all of a sudden the prospect of actually giving birth and meeting and caring for this new little person begins to feel real and tangible, and you freak out a bit. Or maybe that’s just me? Our household is kind of baby-crazy at the moment and we are all so excited to finally have the baby in our lives. I’ve been looking back at pictures of Theo when she was just a few days old and it seems miraculous and impossible how teeny she was. But in those quiet moments alone, I wonder, “will I really be able do this again?”

Will I be strong enough to have another natural birth? Can I cope with having a newborn and a three year old, together, and still retain some semblance of my own identity? Will I be a good mother? What will happen with my work (and what do I want my work to actually be, moving forward? That’s a big one)? Will anybody still want to hang out with us?

And most of the time, I know the answer is hell YES I can pull off all of this. But I need to be my own cheerleader and champion and remind myself in a daily-affirmation type of way, in order to really keep it together. Admittedly, it’s not the route I generally take, but sometimes you just have to embrace the Ina-May-Gaskin-rock-star-goddess-within and go with it. And I’m in the home stretch.

Image above: It is clearly illogical to covet a baby spoon as much as I do this one. Silver seahorse and oyster spoon by Flotsam & Jetsam, available from Catbird.

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2014/09/15 / Shanan


Chris and I haven’t been out on a date in, oh, sixty years or so? I mean, give or take.  It was clearly time to bust out of that rut with some ye olde romantic country brunch action.


I recently had the pleasure of meeting lovely Miriam, who runs the Mad Maple Inn with her husband (he’s in the photo above!) near the town of Creemore.  It’s the most gorgeous little bed + breakfast spot and I was dying to try their food – which was both delicious and charming and exceeded all expectations.



We feasted on farm-fresh egg frittata, homemade sausage patties, yogurt with plum crumble parfait, just-pressed apple cider, mini scones with strawberry jam, potatoes sautéed in more butter than might be actually legal… I could go on.  Clearly we tucked in quicker than I could whip out my camera.


Everything was served on beautiful vintage dishware and wooden boards, with herbs and edible flowers and the whole nine yards.  We had the most perfect, relaxing meal.




Afterwards we took a little walk around the property to see their chickens and vegetable garden and wildflowers. Note that at this stage in the pregnancy I can only be shot from a distance of 100 yards (much like a wild game animal).




Mutual admiration society: I coveted the chicken’s hairdo’s while they checked out my vintage boots.  Caramel brown for fall, folks.


No really — how’s my hair?

Thank you, Miriam and Neil, for such a fantastic morning.  Marriage.  Saved.  Visit the Mad Maple Country Inn at their website and on Instagram.

xx Shanan

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2014/07/11 / Shanan


A-a-a-a-a-nd, the rumours are true.  In case anybody doesn’t know at this point, I’m pregnant!  Just past five months along*, to be exact.  This time around I’ve been so tired I sometimes can’t see straight (or, um, get it together to write a blog…) but over the past few weeks my energy has been slowly returning and overall I feel pretty good.

All the miracles of pregnancy are present the second time around (feeling baby’s movement much earlier on!), along with its indignities (wait, you can get a varicose vein in your… NEVER MIND) — and I’m just trying to take it in stride.  As you can see, Theo is VERY excited about the prospect of a sister sibling, and also wants to know how people get pregnant.  Way to ask the tough questions, kid.  Party of four, here we come!

xx Shanan

* For those not wishing to do the math, I’m due in the third week of November!


(not pictured: Chris, who might have had something to do with all this baby business)

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2013/07/10 / Shanan


I think I promised a follow-up to this first pregnancy wardrobe post like two weeks ago.  Oops.  I’m not a machine, guys.

As I mentioned before, I chose to stow away all my pants for the duration of my pregnancy (and for about a year afterwards).  Plain and simple, they made me feel bad about my shape.  I breastfed like a m*therf*cker but that post-baby weight did not exactly ‘melt’ off the way everyone said it would.

Do you know what made me feel really, really good, though?  This dress.  It’s from Montreal-based label Complex Geometries and was purchased when I was about four months along.  I hope the designer wouldn’t shift uncomfortably in his seat hearing his pieces being touted as maternity wear.  But.  It has a fantastic drape; and it can be worn a bunch of different ways.  Picture in your mind the most perfect cool-girl t-shirt, then spin it into a fashion-forward but also really forgiving, easy-to-throw-on dress.  There – you’re done.

I wore this throughout my pregnancy and I’m still wearing it two years later.  And without fail, it always garners questions and compliments (most recently a woman spotted me in a Canadian Tire and beelined through the store to ask where it came from.  Truth be told the whole scenario was a little weird).

Image above: the Choke dress via Complex Geometries website (they have e-commerce).

ps. How amazing would their Slab tank be, too (below)?  Love the styling.  This one’s available via the Totokaelo site.

slab tank complex geometries maternity totokaelo