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2014/01/06 / Shanan


I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions anymore, so I hope you weren’t expecting some kind of profound manifesto for today, the first ‘official’ day back to the regular grind.  If anything, I’m trying to leap into January with a bit more reckless abandon than usual.  Go bold, and do what makes you feel good.  So with that I say –  hello world, goodbye boring shoes.  Purple + yellow floral print is a neutral, right?

Image above: A dream is a wish your heart makes… Nicholas Kirkwood x Suno printed canvas and suede lace-up booties, via Saks Fifth Avenue.

And, filling in the rest of the gaps in that shoe wardrobe you never knew you needed:

marc by marc jacobs garden print oxfords

The tomboy oxford: floral print suede from Marc by Marc Jacobs, via Shopbop.

Marni green duck print platform sandals

The platform sandal: Marni Edition wedges, via Ssense.

Rachel Comey solitaire heels violet boutique

The sensible pump: Solitaire heels by Rachel Comey, via Violet Boutique.

Loeffler Randall lou calfhair flats

The retro flat: Lou camel-hair colour-block flats by Loeffler Randall, via Club Monaco.

Bernhard Wilhelm x Camper sneaker

The fashion sneaker: Crazy good ‘Together’ by Bernhard Wilhelm x Camper, via Bernhard Wilhelm.

Liam Fahy java heels

The unexpected stiletto: Charlotte heels in java print by Liam Fahy.

Amaya Miista platform boots floral print lucite heel

The ankle boot: Amaya platform in wild rose orange print with faux lucite heel by Miista, via SoleStruck.  Boom! That was my head exploding.

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2013/12/13 / Gillian


Shanan and I have been excited lately to add field trips to the roster of fun things we’re up to. Inspired by the Natural Habitat series Shanan has written and shot for the Symmetric blog, we wanted to branch out and feature some of our favourite shops & eateries. I’m pleased to introduce Creemore Kitchen for the inaugural instalment of Field Trips!

Nestled amongst the galleries and specialty stores in the village of Creemore sits the Creemore Kitchen. I know I am not alone when I say that their opening last spring was keenly awaited.  Just what Creemore needed – a little “hipster in the rural hood,” so to speak, with good food & drink to boot.

Creemore Kitchen restaurant exterior

The contemporary-but-cozy, white wood-sided building references a barn and is the perfect aesthetic for the “farm to table” adage of CK.

creemore kitchen bar christmas pickles preserves

“Everything in the restaurant comes from our home,” explains Sam Holwell, who runs the front of house. “It’s just who we are – the food, the music, the style.”  This overall vibe, if you will, is relaxed but intentional.  From the grey army-issue wool blankets that drape casually over the eclectic mix of chairs, to the rustic raw sumac branches that artfully showcase birds, gingerbread and other homemade Christmas decorations, the feel is all “house made.”


The same house-made ethos is evidenced in the menu as well. Caesar Guinto is inspired by his pastoral environs and the healthy ‘100-mile’ culture of the village of Creemore.  “Local” isn’t just about food source and proximity for Sam and Caesar, though – it’s about relationships.

“We want to be able to say to people – see that table over there?  They grew your food!”  This language of “good food local” resonates for both of them and they pride themselves on the collaborative and dynamic relationship that exists between the front of the house, the kitchen and their community.


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2013/11/20 / Gillian


Now that we have rallied from our PPD (I’ve hidden the BBQ chips), it’s time to dish a little about our trunk show.

We wanted to have a proper in vivo launch for the new incarnation of The Symmetric.  Part cocktail party, part art opening, part pop-up shop, part dream (according to one lovely guest), it was just the concoction we were looking for to fête our new venture and to show our wares to friends in our community.

vintage clothing holiday collection trunk show

Featured at the trunk show Saturday evening was our selection of vintage and antique fine and costume jewelry, as well as vintage holiday clothing and accessories.  In addition to the wardrobe pieces, we displayed limited-edition book art prints, custom shadow boxes with hand-gilded milkweed and thorns, and large-format nature photographs. Shanan’s home (Symmetric HQ and fondly dubbed “The Orchard”) provided a perfect backdrop for the soiree. Filled with so many wonderful women and friends, we were truly tickled pink with the evening. And yes, the rumours are true: we are already whispering ideas for the next one!

Would you like to see some more photos?  Of course you would.


vintage book art prints gallery wall

Vintage book art prints (soon to be available in our upcoming online shop).


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2013/09/30 / Shanan


YES.  YES.  And… YES.

I can’t say I’ve tended to get all that excited by the designer/chain collaborations lately, but the Isabel Marant for H&M lookbook leaked a few days ago and most if it is pretty covetable.  I enjoy the spirit and aesthetic of her Étoile line but I know I’m not the only one put off by what sometimes seems like a particularly egregious price-point.  I mean I ‘get’ it, but still believe that one should be able to achieve that whole French boho/rocker look without spending $450 on a blouse.

The H&M collection debuts November 14th and it features lower-priced iterations of all my Marant favourites: the embellished statement jacket, the bold knits, and the printed trousers I won’t be able to quite pull off.  My taste for the slightly crazy is nothing if not predictable, it seems.  Here are my picks:

Isabel Marant for H&M collection picks

Get in my closet: cream lace tunic dress, printed silk blouse, charcoal herringbone cocoon coat, knit sweater that kind of looks like it’s bleeding (in a good way), shibori-dyed sneakers, embellished jacket, printed pants.  Model images and clothing items via The Fashion Spot and Vogue, via Racked (where there are a ton more pieces on view).

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2013/09/10 / Shanan


This is apparently my 101st post, so… I made you a mix tape.  Not that I need a reason, but –

1.  I went digging through my old bins of CDs last night;

2.  I got hit with an overwhelmingly urgent desire to put together a mix based exclusively on the music I loved as a 17-year old (1996, I’m looking at you), when pretty much all I did was sit up in my room and self-identify with Angela Chase;

3.  I have a massive crush on all of you.

(I put this together on a free site called 8tracks which lets you upload your own music and cover art; we can’t use Spotify and the like here in Canada so this seems swell.  The only drag is that the algorithm shuffles the tracks around at will and I can’t seem to get it to play in the order I have listed <which, if you’ve ever made a tape for someone, you know is, like, life-or-death CRUCIAL>.  I suppose that’s what you get when you mix sound technology with someone who can vividly recall having to rewind cassette tapes with a pencil)

Thanks for reading.  I really mean it.  xx Shanan

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