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2014/09/05 / Shanan


Praise be to the late-summer harvest and behold the bounty that we have reaped.


homemade jarred pickles

More homemade pickles than any one household really needs! (In the interest of full disclosure, our cucumbers didn’t do too well this year so Chris bought a bushel from our favourite farm market up the road, Currie’s, to use as raw material)

garden large zucchini

Zucchinis attack!

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody.

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2014/06/30 / Shanan


Recently Theo and I were invited, along with a bunch of other mums and kids, to our friend Jess’ family’s country property to celebrate the end of the school year.  Apparently they call it “The Farm” but, um, it turned out to be more like “The Resort.”  Such a special treat.

Here are some photos from our day, which was crammed full of tasty food, swimming, beautiful gardens, hula-hoop-ing, and general tromping about.  Tomorrow is our Canada Day holiday so here’s hoping you get the chance to relax in style, too.  Be back in a few.

xx Shanan







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2014/06/18 / Shanan


Or, “Daddy, are marshmallows considered a food group?”

We’re full-on here in the simple pleasures department.  Eating popsicles and watermelon, running through the sprinkler, swinging in the hammock.  And, dum da da da-a-a-a — gathering around the family bonfire.  Chris built an amazing new fire-pit on our property and we had Gillian and her brood over for some mallow roasting action (you didn’t think I’d be rid of her that easily, did you?).


And… the puffy vest makes another (semi)public appearance, this time on Gillian.  I’m hereby predicting the puffy vest will soon usurp the wedge sneaker as ugly-yet-strangely-compelling wardrobe item of the season.  You heard it here first.


The pit!


Don’t ask.


Frida with marshmallow moustache, Steve with floral headpiece.


Sweet Yarrow made wildflower bouquets and crowns for everyone.  I’m just dying over the light in these photos.


It’s called ‘technique.’




Gillian’s rad sneakers, now with wings for extra protection (or something like that).




Encounters with the local wildlife.



Okay fine, so it was pretty chilly that evening and Theo insisted on wearing her flannel bunny costume from Halloween.  And you know what? It did the trick.

Long may you burn.  xx Shanan

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2014/06/04 / Shanan


Yes, you absolutely need one of these.

What seemed like a bit of a misguided dud gift on my part for Chris’ birthday back in the dead of October, the Mayan hammock is now our most prized possession.  We hung it up between two apple trees a couple of weekends ago and it’s the most relaxing (or stimulating, if you’re a three year old) thing ever.



Tangled up in you.


(These were taken on a chilly day, hence the puffy vest.  I know, I know – is there ever an adequate excuse for a puffy vest? Let’s just move on)



“Are you sure we can’t sleep here tonight?”

I’m a bit behind on publishing photos from around here (Gillian was managing our Instagram account so I’m trying to clue myself in there but the pace is glacial) but I’ll get there… lots more absurd wholesomeness to come.

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2013/08/28 / Shanan


Do you know My New Roots?  If you’re not familiar with holistic nutritionist Sarah Britton’s recipe site, then I’m not kidding – you should surf over there right now, get really inspired to make all kinds of amazing healthy food, then come back and read this post so you can fully appreciate my excitement upon getting the opportunity to meet her.  Or hell, just stay on her site and forget about me.  I’d understand.

Sarah currently lives in Denmark but is originally from my hometown of Toronto.  She’s spent the summer here and hosted an early evening potluck picnic in Trinity Bellwoods park last week.  I’m usually eagerly dorky but shy about this type of thing, so I was thrilled when Kristin asked if I was interested in going together and taking the kids along.  Theo and I were spending a few days in the city so it worked out perfectly.

My New Roots vegan potluck picnic Toronto Trinity Bellwoods

Guests brought all different kinds of great vegan dishes; every girl was wearing a cute summer dress, and it was all very welcoming and relaxed.  We were the only ones with littles in tow so we spread out our own blanket adjacent to the action and tried not to draw too much attention to ourselves.  “But mummy, I don’t WANNA eat the kale salad!” Ummm…

Sarah Britton My New Roots potluck picnic toronto

Sarah couldn’t have been nicer, and I told her that our favourite My New Roots recipe in current rotation was her Spring Samosas.  She is pregnant with her first baby and planning a home birth, which always excites me to hear (someday maybe I’ll write about our birth experience?).  I’m so glad I went to the picnic and major props go out to Kristin for bringing extra food, plates, and blankets for Theo and I to enjoy.

vegan potluck picnic


Me, dressing up like a proper city girl again.


Gorgeous boys Misa and Paavo.


Theo taking her Life-Changing Loaf of Bread very, very seriously.


All photos by The Symmetric/Shanan Kurtz, except for the group picnic and shot of Sarah, by Kristin Somborac. Don’t even ask me what’s up with the blue dots.