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2015/02/02 / Shanan


Oh, hi. I was recently and ever so gently reminded that I’d left the blog stagnant, and that you’d all been stuck staring at that same last post, at that same ridiculous pair of plaid shoes. Maybe somebody out there has even given pause and thought, “I wonder what’s up with that baby she was supposed to be having?”

Well. I had that baby! And it’s no longer an ‘it,’ but a healthy, happy little boy named Rhys.  Rhys means “ardor” and that’s pretty much what our hearts are full of right now. He is now about nine weeks old and just so sweet and smiley. We’re still adjusting to the new anti-sleep regime around here, of course. My days are filled to the brim with domestic goddess-y duties (copious breastfeeding, baking muffins – the usual)  and I’ve been trying to be less of a night owl, which means I’m going to take a little more time away from The Symmetric, ’til it feels like a project I can enjoyably incorporate back into my routine. There’s a bit of a sad trombone wah-wah-wah in the hiatus but, you know, they’re only babies once, priorities and sh*t, etccccc. At least I still (sort of) remember how to use WordPress!

Until then… xx S.

(really, it’s February now?)

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2014/11/21 / Shanan


Today was our baby’s due date, but it doesn’t look like s/he is in any hurry to make an appearance. I realized that we have exactly ZERO pictures of my big belly this time around, so Chris obliged with the camera while Theo and I hammed it up a little (we’re standing in front of one of his gorgeous paintings). The countdown is on!


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2014/11/11 / Shanan


I haven’t written much about this second pregnancy on the blog; although not for any particular reason that I can think of. It seems like babies are good for business (so to speak) but I just couldn’t get it together to document or share, and didn’t want to beat myself up for that.

Now this mysterious creature is due in 10 days, and I’m finally winding down with my design work and random nesting projects, and am finding that my mornings (while Theo is in school) are becoming pretty quiet. So, now I’ve started to reflect on the time ahead more and more.

I think you can kind of ignore being pregnant for the majority of the gestation (especially when it’s not your first baby) and then all of a sudden the prospect of actually giving birth and meeting and caring for this new little person begins to feel real and tangible, and you freak out a bit. Or maybe that’s just me? Our household is kind of baby-crazy at the moment and we are all so excited to finally have the baby in our lives. I’ve been looking back at pictures of Theo when she was just a few days old and it seems miraculous and impossible how teeny she was. But in those quiet moments alone, I wonder, “will I really be able do this again?”

Will I be strong enough to have another natural birth? Can I cope with having a newborn and a three year old, together, and still retain some semblance of my own identity? Will I be a good mother? What will happen with my work (and what do I want my work to actually be, moving forward? That’s a big one)? Will anybody still want to hang out with us?

And most of the time, I know the answer is hell YES I can pull off all of this. But I need to be my own cheerleader and champion and remind myself in a daily-affirmation type of way, in order to really keep it together. Admittedly, it’s not the route I generally take, but sometimes you just have to embrace the Ina-May-Gaskin-rock-star-goddess-within and go with it. And I’m in the home stretch.

Image above: It is clearly illogical to covet a baby spoon as much as I do this one. Silver seahorse and oyster spoon by Flotsam & Jetsam, available from Catbird.

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2014/09/19 / Shanan


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve made it a point to pick up my camera again after what feels like too long of a hiatus.  I know that documenting one’s every move can seem like the most tedious thing in the world these days, but taking photos when I’m out and about is refreshing once again.  I’m viewing our everyday activities in a new, special light.  And, apparently I blinked and my daughter has become a full-fledged little girl.  When did that happen?  We spent some time being intrepid explorers in the backyard and this is what I captured of my little beauty…


Telling stories on her ‘mountain house’ in the ‘forest.’


The classic look of skepticism (my sister and I make this exact same face).




More and more and more stories.


“Isn’t it a beautiful day, Mum?” / “It’s a pretty nice temperature out here!” / “What’s yogurt made from?” / “Watch this!!” / “Why doesn’t Daddy wear pyjamas?”


Picking flowers, always.



Discovering milkweed pods and their contents.




Tumbles in the grass (or, the Nottawa version of Christina’s World ? Apologies to Andrew Wyeth <or not>).  Did I really have a hand in creating this imaginative, sensitive, joyous person? Unbelievable.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody.  We plan to hit up the Great Northern Exhibition in Collingwood to see the prize-winning animals and maybe have some pie. Hey, it works for us these days…

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2014/07/11 / Shanan


A-a-a-a-a-nd, the rumours are true.  In case anybody doesn’t know at this point, I’m pregnant!  Just past five months along*, to be exact.  This time around I’ve been so tired I sometimes can’t see straight (or, um, get it together to write a blog…) but over the past few weeks my energy has been slowly returning and overall I feel pretty good.

All the miracles of pregnancy are present the second time around (feeling baby’s movement much earlier on!), along with its indignities (wait, you can get a varicose vein in your… NEVER MIND) — and I’m just trying to take it in stride.  As you can see, Theo is VERY excited about the prospect of a sister sibling, and also wants to know how people get pregnant.  Way to ask the tough questions, kid.  Party of four, here we come!

xx Shanan

* For those not wishing to do the math, I’m due in the third week of November!


(not pictured: Chris, who might have had something to do with all this baby business)