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2013/07/12 / Shanan


Is it weird that I’ve been reading classic kid’s books and coveting the interiors?

Image above: The Old Lady had taste.  Euro-cozy-meets-Dorothy-Draper living room from The Travels of Babar (Jean de Brunhoff).


An over-the-top mix of jewel-tones accented by pops of acid yellow.  Not sure what little Pepito thinks of his bedroom but I’d sleep there.  From Madeline in London (Ludwig Bemelmans).


Cheery, earthy pattern mixing with a grounding of white.  And that couch!  Rewind four years and call Domino magazine. From Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (William Steig).  [UPDATE: look at this feature from Emma Robertson’s wonderful blog, Emmadime – it’s the Sylvester sofa/rug combo!]


This poor child may be largely raised by the maid and stuck in a bizarre WASP-y time warp, but I do love the fuchsia armchair with the powder blue rug.  From A Child’s Garden of Verses (Robert Louis Stevenson, illustrations by Hilda Boswell).


The perfect guest room: matching vintage beds, pretty wallpaper, herringbone floors.  Another page from The Travels of Babar.


A classic, now and forever. From The Runaway Bunny (Margaret Wise Brown, illustrations by Clement Hurd).

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2013/07/10 / Shanan


I think I promised a follow-up to this first pregnancy wardrobe post like two weeks ago.  Oops.  I’m not a machine, guys.

As I mentioned before, I chose to stow away all my pants for the duration of my pregnancy (and for about a year afterwards).  Plain and simple, they made me feel bad about my shape.  I breastfed like a m*therf*cker but that post-baby weight did not exactly ‘melt’ off the way everyone said it would.

Do you know what made me feel really, really good, though?  This dress.  It’s from Montreal-based label Complex Geometries and was purchased when I was about four months along.  I hope the designer wouldn’t shift uncomfortably in his seat hearing his pieces being touted as maternity wear.  But.  It has a fantastic drape; and it can be worn a bunch of different ways.  Picture in your mind the most perfect cool-girl t-shirt, then spin it into a fashion-forward but also really forgiving, easy-to-throw-on dress.  There – you’re done.

I wore this throughout my pregnancy and I’m still wearing it two years later.  And without fail, it always garners questions and compliments (most recently a woman spotted me in a Canadian Tire and beelined through the store to ask where it came from.  Truth be told the whole scenario was a little weird).

Image above: the Choke dress via Complex Geometries website (they have e-commerce).

ps. How amazing would their Slab tank be, too (below)?  Love the styling.  This one’s available via the Totokaelo site.

slab tank complex geometries maternity totokaelo

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2013/07/09 / Shanan


Maybe it’s strange, but I never sang lullabies to Theo when she was a baby. In fact it wasn’t until earlier this year, when I went away for the first time by myself for a friend’s wedding in Switzerland, that Chris started a new bedtime routine in my absence (one that didn’t involve nursing).  He would lie beside her crib and sing her to sleep. Now we sing songs every night, although she seems to prefer more ‘active’ tunes like ‘Wheels on the Bus’ or ‘London Bridge’ over the whole ‘Rock-a-Bye Baby’ genre.  I guess you go with whatever works?

I remember when I was little, my mum used to sing me this song called ‘Spider John’ that I really loved.  It was a simple, sad ballad by Willis Alan Ramsey, who released only one cult album in 1972.  My parents must have had it on vinyl.

Lately I’ve been listening to the song on YouTube, trying to recall the words so that I can sing it to Theo.  I like the idea of having a special song that’s just ‘ours’ and not something that she hears at school or on the playground.

Do you have any songs you love to sing, or would love to sing, to your child?  xx Shanan

Image above: Theo at one month, photo by Ashley Renée.

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2013/07/09 / Shanan


ICE CREAM!!  It’s a small thing but it’s a wonderful thing, am I right?  And my baby enjoying an ice cream cone for the very first time was a comically attainable goal from our summer bucket list.  I’d been waiting to show off my artisanal ice cream-making skills, you know, maybe whip up some homemade waffle cones and have the family pose in front of peony bushes.

But… on Saturday at 5 pm we decided to just go to the little summer-time produce market up the road, and get some bleedin’ ice cream from their freezer, plunk it in the hands of a 2 year old with eyes the size of dinner plates, and consume at their neighbouring picnic tables.  Success!


Theo had a ‘baby cone’ with black raspberry ice cream – the stipulation being that she wanted the flavour to be ‘purple.’ Hubby got some double-scooper-ungodly-flavour-mash-up that was gone in 60 seconds, and I went for my beloved standby, chocolate mint chip.  Because even when it’s bright green, it’s still so good.  Ps, are you totally bored yet?



Ye olde-time-y ice cream vignette.


Who IS this handsome devil?




Game, set, match in the shoe department, ladies.

Quick – what’s your favourite flavour (or ‘flavor’ for the Americans out there)?