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2013/06/27 / Shanan


Let’s set the record straight – I’m not pregnant again.  But I do have a number of friends who ARE for the first time (yay!), and one in particular who has appealed to me for help with dressing her growing bump and changing frame.  Specifically she’s asked for one really comfy, really chic, really wearable dress option.

Pregnancy is bizarre.  One of my main challenges was being able to dress and look like ‘myself.’  I wanted to feel stylish, and not be stuck in weird stretch fabrics and cuts that I never ever would have worn otherwise.  In other words, I didn’t really want to wear maternity clothes.

So… I didn’t.  I decided early on that the whole maternity pants/belly band thing wasn’t for me, and just stopped wearing pants altogether and went with dresses around the clock.  I bought a few inexpensive pieces from some of the chain stores, looking for empire waist silhouettes or straight cuts that I could belt or tie above the belly.  I just bought the next size or few up (depending on the dress) in regular clothing sizes.

I rounded up some not-actually-maternity options above and tried to keep them all relatively affordable.  Know that whatever you end up wearing, you’ll probably want to burn most of your ‘maternity’ wardrobe post-gestation, so check yourself before you wreck yourself, you know what I mean? (If you do have extra money that you haven’t already spent on newborn sailor suits, you can go directly to the Hatch Collection website)

Note that I haven’t personally test-driven any of these dresses but they should all be relatively safe bets, and will at least give you an idea of what to look for.

1. Printed v-neck dress, Gap.  Seriously, check out the striped version in side-view and tell me this dress wasn’t built for pregnant women.

2. V-neck dress, H&M.  Rowr.

3. Heritage animal-print dress, Banana Republic.  Not totally my cup of tea but style it right and it gets a pass.

4. Silk waterfall dress, Madewell.  Chic, really versatile (get those shoes, too).

5. Printed dress, Zara.  The hemline is a little short but let’s face facts, you’re probably not an Amazonian model so it could work on you.

6. Solid wrap dress, Gap.  I admit, the wrap dress is a bit of a snoozer for me but it’s definitely office-appropriate, the v-neck will highlight your burgeoning assets, etc.

7. Eagle print dress, Zara.  Maybe?

8. Frances watercolour floral dress, J. Crew.  This one is a total dream but WHOA sorry I just noticed the price tag.  Still love it, though.

9. Wilfred Bisous dress, Aritzia.  Zou bisou bisou, baby.

Go forth, shop, and most of all, be kind to yourself.  I’ll put together another post next week that features my one truly favourite dress for pregnancy (and beyond) if you’re looking to rock a slightly edgier style.

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2013/06/24 / Shanan


Sweet, sweet summer.  It’s here.  Sunday was the first really sticky, hot, should-we-turn-on-the-air-conditioning? day so far this year.  We packed lunch, had a little hike, and picnicked beside a river. Pretty. Damn. Blissful.



Theo still fit in our hiking backpack; not sure how much longer that will last.  My husband apparently selected his wardrobe based on the possibility of us encountering a pick-up basketball game in the forest.



Fruit bar break.



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2013/06/17 / Shanan


Our weekend didn’t exactly go as written (on a Friday afternoon, blog people like to tout their big weekend plans… but does anyone spend Monday morning recounting to the world how it all really went?  Ie. Dinner party was boring, shopped at Home Depot, had a fight with spouse)

Anyway.  Theo caught a pretty nasty cold and was feeling extra clingy, so we decided to forego leaving her with the new babysitter and cancelled our concert plans.  Instead, we read lots of books and just chilled here at the homestead.

Going through the shelves, I was reminded of one of my favourite books that Theo received when she was born. My old friend Jason always manages to nail it when it comes to gift-giving so I thought you might be interested to hear about this one.  I think it’s a really special and unusual book.


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2013/06/11 / Shanan


Image above: I call this one Untitled (Plant Pot Still-Life with Rubber Shoes, Rubik’s Cube, and Leaves of Kale).


In case you’d ever wondered what’s inside my fridge.  Now you know.


American Beauty: Ruining floating white trash bags for us all since ’99.  I hope to capture a similar anthropomorphic transcendence in the humble craft pom-pom.


John Malkovich’s brain?


Wrecked.  Smashed. Done like dinner.

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2013/06/04 / Shanan


Today we went to the zoo!

Or, a zoo, at least.  The Elmvale Jungle Zoo, to be precise.  I mean I’m not going to dwell on it too much here but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some doubts about this place (and, by extension, zoos in general I guess). But… the animals did all look healthy and there’s nothing more magical than seeing children’s faces light up while watching monkeys, so let’s just move on shall we.

This was the first activity we crossed off of my family summer bucket-list.  Chris, Theo and I met up with our friends Kauri and Maeve; and we took lots of pictures while the kids ran off in different directions.  Most of the animals were quite lively and I may have seemed facetious about the whole ‘faces lighting up’ thing above but really, it’s pretty cool to watch.


Her face may look calm but she is just barely containing herself.