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2013/05/31 / Shanan


Friends and family who live far away are often asking me to send photos of our place, and I always stall them out or change the subject because a) I’m not a great photographer, and b) 90% of the time our house is a mess, and when it’s not, I rarely think to take pictures.  I can deal with clutter and crumbs… if you’ve got The Selby shooting it.

Insecure pre-amble aside, I’ve just got to stop being so precious about the whole thing. When we saw our house-to-be for the first time about a year and a half ago, the room that would be Theo’s looked like this (cue ‘before’ shot):


Note that clearly people don’t really ‘stage’ their houses for sale up here (at least not people selling houses in our price bracket…).  The room felt really dark, the walls were a sad beige and the old cheap carpeting smelled like cat pee.  Oh and looking at this photo, I completely forgot that all the window and door trim and the baseboards used to be unfinished pine.  Mmm.


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2013/05/21 / Shanan


Yesterday was one of those days where lots seemed to not go quite right, and yet when Theo and I took a walk around the yard and our neighbourhood, everything good just fell into place.  I love watching the world through her eyes, getting excited about flowers and tiny bugs and the breeze, running her little fingers over everything and seeing her hesitation widen into a smile.  And it feels so fragile because by even trying to express some kind of coherent acknowledgement of how amazing this all is, how big it makes my heart swell, feels like I’ll jinx it somehow.  I guess I’m just used to keeping some things a little closer to the vest, so to speak.












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2013/05/13 / Shanan


Well I’m back from Nashville but I’ve got a sick little bean here who’s spent the last few days up and down with a stomach bug.  Looks like couch-surfing is the only activity on the roster for today (note the stray saltine cracker on the lower right).

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2013/05/07 / Shanan


Do you know Sweet Paul Magazine?

I will cop to being a little fatigued of the perfectly styled online mags where every event features a bevy of striped straws and a crepe-paper photo-booth.  But – Sweet Paul really raises the bar on the twee-factor in the most delightful way and so I always look forward to reading a new issue, my admittedly ‘too cool for school’ attitude be damned.

The style works especially well for their latest – the just-released Sweet Paul Kid’s Issue.  This might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  It’s full of whimsy and possibility, of sprinkly donuts, pretty wallpaper, a Wizard of Oz-themed party, and home science experiments.

Sweet Paul Kids, www.thesymmetric.com

Sweet Paul Kids, www.thesymmetric.com

Sweet Paul Kids, www.thesymmetric.com

All this has inspired me to put together a little summer bucket-list of family activities.  Off the top of my head…

1. Eat ice cream cones (Theo’s never had one)

2. Visit the Toronto Zoo

3. Go berry-picking

4. Throw a mermaid-themed kid’s party, because Theo loves mermaids and she didn’t get a proper birthday celebration this year (#mom guilt)

5. Try out some home tie-dye-ing with natural dyes

6. Have a ‘classic’ outdoor picnic (by ‘classic’ I mean featuring the exact spread as seen in Mickey Mouse’s Picnic (A Little Golden Book))

All images copyright Sweet Paul Magazine.